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Pomba Gira
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Pomba Gira is a Brazilian goddess that belongs to a class of closely connected spirits that rule urban street life. Her influence is worldwide and this has been from confessions across the world. Her provocative and sensual attitude attracts the weakest of society, prostitutes, the unemployed, transvestites, homosexuals, and is also often sought by professionals and politicians seeking wealth and power.

There are many Pomba Giras. Probably the most well-known one is Maria Padilla. However, I normally just refer to Pomba Gira as a singular being. She loves to dance. She likes the movement and being the center of attention (hence the connection with Leos). She is a sex goddess. She is seen as a very attractive female with gypsy-like features. Beyond the sexual aspect, however, she is a very powerful and generous female who loves to give her children gifts.

The Mistress of Witchcraft is a spirit veiled in mystery and magic. She forms one part of the principal spirits called upon in Quimband though she also makes an appearance in the other Afro-Brazilian cults. Her nature, like that of her counterpart, is often a mystery revealed only to those who are her devotees and initiates.

While her magic is capable of anything, she is particularly skilled in all matters dealing with women, the erotic, and love. She combines her sensuality with her sorcery in the most lethal of witchcraft; with a look, she can inspire lust and love in the hearts of even the coldest of humans, or lay waste to her enemies. She is the crossroads where death, love, and sex meet.

Invocation of the spirit of Pomba Gira is very dangerous and shouldn’t be tried by someone who is not well versed in magic. A spell with Pomba Gira is more than a love spell. It will cause the person who is the focal point of your desires to become obsessed with you within minutes and that’s why I’m not giving more instructions.

Traditional Colors: Pink/Red and Black

Number: 3

Areas of Influence: Messages and all communication, sex, crossroads, doorways (physical and spiritual), prosperity, children, and protection

Symbols: Red or pink hearts, Roses, the 4 queen cards, a necklace with dark pink and black beads.

Offerings: Pomegranate juice with rum, vodka or other liquor, Pomegranate wine or liqueur, pink champagne, cigarillos, dark chocolate or dark chocolate cake, strawberries, cherries, and anisette. She will accept strawberry soda or black cherry cola if you can’t afford anything else.

Tarot: Lust/Strength

Gemstones: Rose quartz, rubies, black pearls

Animals: Black Panthers, snakes, ravens, Scarlet Macaw Parrots

Plants associated with: Pomegranates, Roses
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