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Shadow entities
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During these past 3-4 months I have been astral projecting and have observed many things, the one thing that has interested me the most so far are what I call shadow entities.
They appear to be solitary beings and have the form of a pure black humanoid silhouette, two arms and legs almost always in an upright or slightly hunchback posture.
They average in height between 5,8-7 feet tall, while some are incredibly slender others seem a bit chubby or bulky.

As for their behavior I liken them to mosquito.
I first heard about them from a family member that practices hoodoo about 10 years ago.
She actually keeps one with her as a sort of pet or guardian.
According to her she first made contact with it by accident via oija board when she was very young.
It started off with 0 personality but would try to extort energy out of her through fear by making electronics go off or knocking things around.
after about a month of this she confronted it and came to what she calls an understanding.
She feeds it energy nightly in exchange for protection and warning and it overall behaves itself.
She claims they are like energy mosquito,they latch themselves to living humans for our energy but as a side effect they take bits of our personality, emotions and memories which can make them appear evil or portray themselves as demons if that person is in a negative state.

I came to observe them for myself, they seem to be all over the "astral plane" but dont really group together that often.
They stand still most of the time and walk around aimlessly.
I decided to get the attention of one of them and watched it slowly walk towards me, it seemed to be exhausted as it forced itself too me.
Once it got close enough it began to claw at my body(my astral form that is), I could feel it draining my form of energy but I decided to let it continue.
Once I felt my form was almost depleted I decided to release it and return to my physical body.
The next day I was surprised to see that it was searching for me(or atleast that what its sporadic walking/running patterns looked like), I went to it and let it consume my energy again.
This entity seemed to be changing in shape becoming taller with longer fingers and growing antler like appendages from its head area.
To make an already long story short, I studied this entity for another week before I lead it as far away from where my astral form appears and sort of ditched it.
I have not seen it since, and I make it a priority to avoid it at all cost for safety concerns.
My goal was just to study it not to make a friend or enemy.

During my week of observation I came to the conclusion that my family member was correct.
It seemed to become more and more aware and individualized the more energy it consumed.
I decide to cut all ties with it before it became intelligent enough to actually figure out where my physical body was.
I still wonder where it ended up or if it still has the antler like appendages, I tried to keep my mood neutral during every interaction but im sure I was nervous and somewhat frightened more often then I cared to be.
In the end I think they start off as blank slates and become evil or chaotic because of the various people they interact with over the years.

So have you had any interactions with shadow entities?
Have your experiences been similar?
Do you have a completely different understanding of them?
Please share your thoughts and experiences with me.

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Re: Shadow entities
Post # 2
My mom was born on Halloween. She wanted to go somewhere spooky for her birthday that night, so I suggested Wine Cellar Park because there are numerous reports of hauntings. For the sake of my personal safety, I can't tell you where the park is. But, part of the American Civil War was fought in my home state, and the park is located near a town with a strong black history dating back to the Civil War era. The wine cellars fell into disuse because of the many skirmishes that occured in the surrounding area. One of the roads near the park was often traveled by both Union and Confederate troops. Because of this town's black history and war history, some local historians believe that the cellars may have been part of the Underground Railroad, which could also explain some of the hauntings.

We decided to take our dog, Max, with us that night for protection. He was a sweet wimpy baby, but his size and rippling muscles instilled fright in most people. He absolutely adored nighttime walks, but as soon as we entered the park, his demeanor changed from excited to anxious. His ears went back and his eyes shined with fear. His gaze flitted everywhere, but occasionally he would stare at something. My eyes followed his gaze, and I could see something blacker than the twilight move at an inhuman pace and then disappear.

That night was particularly warm for late October (global warming has caused my state to have strange weather), yet when we exited the car, there was a chill in the air as if the air was filled with the cool current of electricity. I could see the breath billowing out of our mouths. We walked closer to the cellars, although Max protested and tried to pull me back to the car. The closer we got, the more this sensation of danger took our senses. When we got to the middle of the field, Max stopped dead in his tracks and stared at the wall between the first and second cellar doors. He was visibly shaking. These cellars are at least 10-12 feet tall, if not taller. The cloaked silhouette I saw was as tall as the cellars. I took one step closer, and Max yanked the leash out of my hand and bolted back to the car.

Later that night, my mom told me she had felt like something was going to kill us. I told her what I saw, but she said she hadn't seen anything and doubted it was an entity. She supposed someone was hiding in the woods next to the cellars, but I know what I saw. Whatever it was, it wasn't human.

I've done some research on these beings. From the sources I've found, djinn match the physical description. They are black silhouetted figures that reside in the astral plane, but when they do make appearances in our physical realm, they prefer dark and lonely places, such as caves, basements, and abandoned buildings. They are often solitary creatures.
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Re: Shadow entities
Post # 3
Djinn before I used to love finding creatures like fae and djinn not understanding what they were but I was never afraid I was first found by creatures like these at a young age and was amazed by what most would call horrific and I have been working with people who have the questions because I have the experience necessary to answer more often than
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