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Mystery spell
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I've been under the effect of two separate spells for years. One is a collaring spell that has been in effect for about 6-7 years. Involving a worn object that connects me to a "master" so to speak. Simple low level magic.

The other, I've been trying to understand because the caster refuses to give me all the information. It's been in effect for 3-4 years. I have a grasp on its effects, and remember how it was performed.

I've searched for years on the internet, but it eludes me. Idk know if it's a documented spell or not, and I wanted to try a forum to get a few heads together, see if anyone knows.

(Bare in mind, I was not the caster but a bystander and target. I don't have the details, only what I could see)

The ritual is as follows:
Full moon around 1am. A number of candles were lit. A lot of "repeat after me's" I wish I could remember them. Then a deep incision made on each of our tongues. Followed by a kiss to ingest the blood. (I know everyone and their mother is going to say it, I'm aware ingesting blood is stupid) about 40 minutes of meditation and murmuring on the caster's part with a candle being blow out every now and again. After the last candle, I was allowed to leave.

The effects of the spell:
Physically, we share pain. But not in a 1:1 ratio. More 3:1 being if the source is a 3, pain transferred is a 1. Spiritually, there is an awareness of the other's presence and energy reserves. The last one is the big one though. I don't know exactly how to describe it other than a lack of free will. When being ushered a command, I find myself acting on it before even realizing what was asked. As though being compelled to do so. I can fight it. It's not like my body is acting on its own but rather an overwhelmingly intense desire to perform said task.

Commands are rarely issued and are often mundane. So it's not an immediate concern. But I find myself asking, how far could it go? What if they asked me to kill? I don't have the same power over them. Nor the same skill level to really do much about it.

The only other information I have on this spell, is the name for it that they gave me. 0 search results online. The name in question?
"Demon bond ceremony"

I don't expect much in the way of responses. I post this purely out of curiosity. I'm not looking to break it or reverse it. Just to understand it.
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Re: Mystery spell
Post # 2
Breaking this down I think I have a loose idea of this spell. It sounds like a blood bonding ritual with added demonic concept, likely for the persuasion aspect.

You said yourself it's not your body acting on it's own, but more of a strong persuasion. It's my understanding that you're adverse to killing anyone and so should that situation arise I think you'd be safe. It reminds me strongly of hypnosis and how it's more effective the more the subject wants to be controlled.

Something mundane as you said, your morals and sense of right or wrong doesn't need to be employed. If it's something you truly don't want to do then you'd more than likely be able to refuse.

The intense desire to do the task is interesting to me, and I believe that aspect comes from the demon portion of the ritual's title. My knowledge of demons is rather lackluster but an Inncubis or Succubis seem likely candidates.

My best guess at the ritual would be this:

Gathering at a full moon, a little after midnight is to make the spell as strong as it could possibly be. The repeat after me's seem like the conditions of the spell or a mantra of sorts. The deep incision and ingestion of blood from both parties is for a binding of the participant's bodies and spirits. The meditation is to focus on the spell and it's conatations, also likely when the demon's power was requested. Possibly a visualisation of how the spell should take effect over you.
With every aspect sealed in a candle would be blown out. For example "All the pain I feel, they will feel too" [Candle blown out] . Once all of the candles are gone, the effects are fully realised and the ritual would be completed.

It's a powerful spell, but if you're worried I'd suggest maybe some grounding or focusing techniques to get better at keeping clear minded in a state of heightened suggestibility. It won't get rid of the spell's effects entirely, as I said the more you want to be controlled the easier it would be for the spell's caster, but this should give you a little more confidence if faced with a bad situation. I'm not an expert but I hope I helped!
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