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Dragon magick
Post # 1
Hello. I'm lear Ming about dragon magick and magick in general. I'd like to know if there are people who can help me and maybe someone want to mentor me? That would be very lovely.

Hope to hear from you all.

Lots of live, Minarykal
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Re: Dragon magick
By: / Novice
Post # 2

If you want to learn more about dragon magick, start with their myths and the lore surrounding the dragons. That'll give you a good understanding on the backgrounds and how dragons were interspersed throughout history and how they function as beings. There are some who believe dragons solely exist as beings on the astral realm, while others who believe that they all fled the earth once it started becoming more populated by man.

Here are some books to get you started, if you'd like:

Dragons for Beginners - Shawn Mackenzie

The Dragon Keeper Handbook - Shawn Mackenzie

Dragons: The Myths, Legends and Lore - Doug Niles

Sea, Land, Sky: A Dragon MagickGrimoire - Parker J. Torrence

Also, some websites:

dragonology-101 on tumblr

hiddenwitchstarting on tumblr

www.gothwitch.co.uk (she has a fantastic post on dragon magick, through the grimoire section)


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Re: Dragon magick
Post # 3
It's best to do your research. Don't just look for a mentor it may be illegal for someone to teach you anything like that if your a minor.

Try finding some books that can help you get started learning what you can dragons and some explaining dragon magic besides reading some post about the topic.
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Re: Dragon magick
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Dragon magic is an interesting calling to connect with, and it can be tricky to learn about. I think mostly because there isn't really any specific single path or tradition of practice. But rather it is an adaptation of ones current path and knowledge. Especially in the beginning. This is one reason why so many practitioners have so many differing ideas and processes. It's one of those personal and individual paths largely determined by your own experiences and understandings.

So far, every person (including myself) who I have met, read from, or heard about, who practices dragon magic began with a different personal practice; be it wicca, shamanism, or generic spiritual study it begins with some sort of introspective foundation that then transitions into connecting with dragons some way. Be it through connecting with a draconic guide, experiencing their influences spontaneously while doing workings, having a personal spiritual and/or emotional connection to their archetype, or in some fringe cases having a personal spiritual kinship with them, there is always something that calls one to the idea.

After that, it is my experience that most people observe their own practice, what they already understand and where they want to go with it, and then incorporate the archetypes, behaviors, and attitudes dragons are known for in place of the more familiar tools and symbols. And I am definitely not poo-pooing this because there isn't much else an individual can do when there are no written tales or histories of any religious or spiritual traditions focused on Dragons as the apex of the divinity pyramid... so to speak. As far as I am aware there are no Dragon religions out there to draw from. No steeped traditions or old philosophies to study and draw from. I think the closest that comes is Quetzelcoatl, who's 'dragon' status can be argued for and against over many a technicality for ages to come, and is one part of a larger and more complex pantheon. Or perhaps the Asian culture's Lung and Ling dragons- who are again a small part of a much larger and more complex whole, being celebrated and recognized but (as far as I am aware) never directly worshipped or sacrificed to.

The direct formations of working relationships and deification of Dragons is by-and-large a very modern occurrence. And even within that, there are two schools of thought that seem to emerge from the mix, making things even more confusing for the beginner. They aren't at odds, and in fact each has considerable overlap with the other, but the basic philosophies between them show up at the core of thought.

One practice is the involvement of dragons as an archetype and symbol, Invoking the 'idea' of dragons as representing the acme of a particular quality or trait. iE; Calling on a 'fire dragon' to represent connecting with the core essence and nature of fire and what it represents. The summation of the element at the peak of its influence.

Meanwhile the other is working with dragons as active and independent entities. Conscious beings with individuality and personality who act as guides and teachers and guardians, who may lend their energy to you for a particular endeavor. IE; Calling on a dragon who is versed in, and connected to, the elemental fire and its wisdoms and strengths, to impart them to you as a teacher and working partner.

I say they have overlap because one invariably leads to the other eventually. The practitioner using the dragon as an archetype tends to stir up a lot of draconic energy, which can catch the attention of a being or three that pokes its nose in to see what is going on. And the practitioner with a connection and working relationship with a dragon (or Dragons) can end up incorporating ideas and philosophies learned from that relationship into their personal energy workings, drawing on the same kinds of energies that Dragons are naturally proficient with.

So, -very- long (and likely convoluted) story short; In the beginning, use what you know while you learn about the ideas behind dragons, their energies, and perceptions. Draconic magic is the sort of thing you incorporate into your already present foundations, and it will lead you into your own path over time.

As some bonus thoughts, there are some things you can come to expect from walking a draconic path.

1) confusing and sometimes conflicting information from one practitioner to the next. This is because of everything I just mentioned, try to not let it get you down and just remember to use your own judgement on anything you read or learn about.

2) Draconic energy is about purification and change, largely. The more you work with it, the more you can expect to be encountering old baggage and lingering life lessons. The sorts of things that can be trying on the emotions, but ultimately empowering.

3) These experiences will also foster a stronger personal awareness. learn to trust in it when other things bring doubt. Especially if you start meeting up with any form of astral/outside entity. Some may appear fearsome and threatening, but be kind teachers. others may appear truly angelic and divine but have no interest in your well being. be aware of how you feel bodily and emotionally when in their presence. and always begin any form of connection/relationship with very firm ground rules.

4) The role of a guide is not to give you strength, but to lead you to your own. By my experience this is more true of dragons as entities than any other I have heard/read about or experienced. There is a frequent (and sometimes vexxing) tendency to answer questions and worries with questions of their own, rather than answers. But go with it. Dragone might very rarely give a direct answer or solution, but they have a lot of skill in deftly pointing people into the right direction to find what they seek.

5) continuing the last thought, it is up to you to take any action or make any change you wish to see. A dragon may point you towards a solution but it is still up to you to decide if you are going to walk towards it and make it happen. This is not just an act of cheekiness, but one of moral importance when it comes to your autonomy and will that most higher entities hold sacrosanct. That whole 'lead a horse to water but can't make it drink' thing. Or that axiom about teaching a person to fish.
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