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Name: Minarykal
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Hello everyone and welcome to my page^^
My name is Zephirona, Zephi for short, and I love dragons.
They've always been with me ever since I was a kid.
I draw them on a daily base and have a tattoo of one on my arm.
I'm new when it comes to magick and love to learn more about it.
I do know a little bit. I also am practicing my meditating skills and try to find my spirit guides and dragon guides.
Id love to meet new people on here and learn as much as I can to grow as a lightworker.
I do work with tarot cards and they've helpt me a lot!!
I still need to open my third eye and all but thats for some other time!!
Anyways... love to connect with you guys!!
You can always shoot me a dm!!!
~xxx Zephi~