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Kinda need help
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I've been practicing for a while now.(6 years) While I am a green witch, I do have to participate in different things. I seem to have a deep connection to the "other side" whatever you prefer to call it. I was always enamored with mythology and well as other things. I digress, however, back to the beginning.

I used to live up north from where I live now, I had a very abnormal childhood. My first introduction to anything in the terms of Pagan or Wiccan was my nanny. My mother worked long hours and my nanny, we will call her Alice, was Wiccan. She was a kitchen witch and would always teach me about the plants around my house in the surrounding woods. She always seemed to know a catastrophe before anything happened. I still keep in touch with her today, but that's beside the point.

She and I were walking out in the woods one day, me trotting next to her and picking up stones. Then I saw this thing running back and forth between the trees. It was black and long. It was kinda like a man only if this man was 7ft tall with a straw hat. We lived nowhere next to the country so I was terrified. We went back home and I soon forgot about the man in the woods.
Skipping a few years later, I was staying for the summer with my Papa in the country. Country as in fields as far as the eye could see no neighbors for miles and miles. We would walk around the fields and look for critter tracks and make sure the fences were ok. One day we were walking through the woods and we stumbled upon a graveyard. Not one with engraved tombstones, but the really old ones with only two rocks to mark the age of the human that lay below. I thought it was so cool, but soon I felt uncomfortable. I hated the feeling of oppression and I soon thought that someone was watching us. Safe to say we didn't go back anytime soon.

Soon my mother and I moved in with my great grandmother, we can say she was MM. MM was the pinnacle of a lady. Her husband died in the house and recently she died in the same room as he did. At the beginning of my moving in with MM, I hated sleeping by myself so I slept with my mom. One time I smart talked my mom and later I heard someone scuffling their feet at me but when I turned around nobody was there and my mom and dog were outside.

I mention this because my uncle that recently moved into the old house called up my mom and asked if there were any "ghost" problems beforehand. I laughed at that because they are one of those branches of Christianity that would never believe in ghosts. They are some of the most religious people I have ever met so something is going down.

I have many more stories, but those are the shortest. I seek nothing out, except to help lost spirits reach the other side. Along with these encounters, I've had dreams and a lot of sleep paralysis and as of recently, 2 new entities have entered my life.

My first one is something that I call "Goat man". I had a week of consecutive dreams of him. The first is me just seeing him and him merely standing in my closet door. He was the size of the whole doorframe, he would have to bend down to get his horns through the door. He is pure white with the body of a man and the head of a goat. The only thing is he has deep red eyes. He slammed open my closet door and stood in the doorway of my closet, which is directly facing the end of my bed.
The second night, the same thing happened only he had black tendrils around his body.
The third night, he came out of my closet and walked around my room. He looked a though he were looking for something. He pointed to one of my plants in disgust and then sat in front of my door. He bent down in a crouching position and just stared at me until I woke up.
The fourth night, he did that all over again, but then he walked over to my bookshelf and just disappeared into it.

These weren't just dreams. A weekend or two ago when my friends and I were prepping for Imbolc. We were sitting on my bed and watching some episode of Buzzfeed, ghost hunts. The one about Shane and Ryan on Goatmans bridge. My boi huffed in my one of my friends ear and later that night, breathed in the other. They were terrified. My witch friend of the two,Sal, said she could see him. We sat on the couch and we were playing the devil holds my arms. Sal said she saw Goatman behind me. We were all spooked and just cleansed my room and watched happy movies for the rest of the night.

My Goatman has never gotten physical, but I don't exactly show him much respect. I was once trying to decide what to wear when I was going on a date with my partner. I picked up a dress and in my head, I heard a hoarse voice say "Ugly". I promptly called the voice a hoe and wore the dress out of spite.

I digress.

My other person is this little girl. She wears this victorian gown with really unkempt brown hair. She was also a dream, but I feel her. She sat in my corner for a few nights, but on the third, she approached me while I stared at her. Every step, she snapped her neck and that was followed by a Tick or a Tock depending on the foot.

There is a hospital not far from where I live, as well as a graveyard.

The reason I write all this is because I just need help. I don't like considering myself "sensitive" but I don't know how to feel anymore. I just need help with the little girl. Goatman knows his place, I believe, but I don't want to put my family at risk.

I talked to my grandmother about this and she is "sensitive" to an extent, however, my mom thinks it's BS. I don't necessarily blame her though.

I just want to know if I can put the little girl to rest and how I should help other spirits.

I've researched all this stuff and I have a reference, I just want to know what an actual person thinks about this. Just so I don't put myself in danger or anymore of my spirits.
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Re: Kinda need help
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I have sent you a private message containing a bit of information that I believe may benefit you.

Blessed be.
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