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Greetings and salutations. My "name" is Eum and I am a practitioner of witchcraft. I am here on Spells of Magic to have a better understanding of my personal practice, and beliefs and what it means to practice something as old as humanity. I plan on doing this through making a series of posts on the public forums, explaining what my perspective is on various magickal topics, as well as reading posts made by others. I have a general plan made of what I want to post about (and where I will post my articles) and what I would like to learn more about. Both will be listed below. If you are interested in reading the posts to come, go right ahead. All I can say is just take everything I write about with a grain of salt as I am in no way an expert and everyone's practice is different from the next persons. Thank you for reading my short introduction. I hope you enjoy what is to come.



1. What is magick/witchcraft
2. Witchcraft and Science
3. The Sabbaths
-What is the witches sabbath
-Summer Solstice
-Winter Solstice
4. Dance and Music in Witchcraft
5. Witchcraft and Sexuality
6. Homesteading and Witchcraft

NON SPELL TOPICS (Spiritual Creatures)

1.The Devil and Witchcraft
2.Spirits of Earth
-The familiar spirit
3. Spirits of Mind
-The Shadow (The shadow Self)
4 Spirits of Dream.


1. The Moon
-The Moon and the sea
-The moon and farming
-The moon and the menstrual cycle
2. The night

NON SPELL TOPICS (Fortune Telling)

1. What is divination
-Types of divination
2. The Tarot
3. Divination "Games"
-Casting Stones
-Quija Boards
4. Animal omens

SPELL CASTING (General Info)
1. What is a spell
2. How to cast a spell
3. What is a ritual
4. How to perform ritual magick
-Soul and emotion
-Tools of the trade
5. The Science behind spells and rituals


1. Appalachian hoodoo
2. Astral projection
3. Runes and Rune Stones
4. Skrying
5. Kitchen witchery

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Re: Introduction
Post # 2

A lot of what you posted here we already have threads on. Might be a good idea to add to those instead of making a bunch of new ones. Anyway. Welcome to the site.

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