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Hello, this is Onmyouji9,

I have been studying some yokai and I thought i would share some info on the topic of the Jorogumo, or Arachnid demon.

My experience and method of studying Yokai, Spirits, and other supernatural beings and entities stems from Shamanic practices of astral travel and visions induced by meditation.

My Experience with a Jorogumo

She appeared in one of my meditational visions as a long legged and rather large and beautiful black widow spider danglingby a thread of her silk. Her abdomen facing to the left and her head down ward. Her aura was in the inner sphere of radiance black and the perimeter and outside dark and light blue.

She was able to take the form of any type of spider, contrary as I mean not said in most texts that I've read about the being. She cold mutate the image of the spider in many ways and she showed that her irises were yellow and then turned gold.

The full appearance of the Enlarged black widow spider was of thatimage but hanging in the dark illuminated by the light above which was a hole in the fabric or energy field of reality as she called it. But it was just an illusionwhere i had spiritually traveledto her home or web as she again lied.

This yokai was definitely a demon according to her aura and behavior, she just could not stop lying about simple topics of witchcraft, and shamanism even astral travel.

What I learned from the experience: I learned the existence of the Jorogumoand Its nature towards Onmyouji and maybe other practicers of magick.

Please add commentary to what you think of my personal experience

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