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Re: Making Things Right
Post # 11
Thank you for that encouraging message. I do my best not to let my emotions determine my decisions. I am just truly hurt and frustrated.
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Re: Making Things Right
Post # 12
After reading this, I think I'd like to chime in.

I am sorry you are going through this situation, first of all. Personally, I think there is always a time and a place for when it is appropriate to utilize the tool of casting our intents/energy into the Universe. There are situations where we feel that magick is the only way to alter or change a negative situation, but there are also times where it may simply be better to let the power of everyday life problem-solving to intervene.

It is up to you to decide if casting a "spell" (I use the word ritual, hence why I put it in quotes) is going to benefit your current situation. If you're asking for spell-related advice, for something like this I'd probably recommend performing a simple "positive energy", protection, and prosperity spell. Positive for a positive outcome in this scenario that will benefit you, protection for your child, and prosperity for good fortune to aid in the spell's success.

I usually don't give out this much advice in a post, but let me know what you think:

Use a white candle for positive, a black candle for protection (of if you prefer, then use a white candle: white is a neutral color for magick), and a green candle for prosperity. Engrave your intention into each candle. You can decide if you'd be using sigils, initials of you/your child's names, or whatever your personal power means to you. When this all done, write your intention down on paper. Again, use any sigils, names, etc that are relevant to your situation. Fold it up and seal it closed if you'd like. Then, by your lit candles, visualize a white light around you: this is the manifestation of positive and warm energy. Vividly imagine your custody battle ending in success and imagine the return of your child to your home. Take the intention paper and use each candle to burn it. As this happens, imagine that the smoke is carrying your casted intention out into the Universe.

If you have any questions, ask away or you can message me privately as well. I hope this helps!

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Re: Making Things Right
By: / Novice
Post # 13
Well idk much [if anything] of your situation so idk if this really was the right decision by the courts or an injustice, idk what your daughters father is like, nor do I know what type of parent you are so from someone looking in I can't really agree or disagree with you since you only state how hurt you are at an outcome. Is t the right one? Again idk. As someone whose parents are divorced and have seen my share of friends/family have parents who had custody battles over them there's a part of me that worries this is more of a 'I want this thing so they can't have it' situation [not saying it is, that's just how it feels reading your original post]

That all said, he has custody, but do you have visitation rights? How does your daughter feel? Taking a step back, is this best for your daughter? [is she in a safe, stable environment where her needs are met] if she is safe and you can still see her, I would consider visitation and possibly talking [as mature adults] if joint custody is an option. [again, think of your daughters stability. How old is she, how far away do you live, how far is her school, and so on should be considered before trying joint custody]

Now, as for the casting and your God let you down comment. First off, I feel the would is still fresh and you should not cast at this time because you're coming from a place of pain and you might come to regret your decision. [like turning 21 and celebrating by going bar hopping. In the moment it sounds amazing, but in the morning, not so much] if you were to cast anything I would go more for a healing for yourself as well as your daughter [self love might also be needed, and a protection for your daughter never hurts] if after some time you still feel you should 'get back' at him, try a simple karma chant. [you can make your own, or basically go 'may you get what you deserve'] but again, give yourself time to heal, breathe, and clear your head.

Finally, I don't think God abandoned you [and this is coming from a Pagan who doesn't believe in the Christian God] God doesn't really ignore his followers. How strong is your connection to God? If you simply go about your day and then call on God when you need stuff, but never give back, or simply say thank you for blessings [rub-a-dub-dub, thanks for the grub] then you don't really have much reason to expect miracles [its like waiting for an important phone call but refusing to pay your phone bills and then wondering why you've been cut off] I feel he might of answered you in other ways you never noticed [one of my favourite stories has always been about a man lost at sea praying to God for help, a number of boats come by and offer him help, but he refuses because God will save him. Eventually he drowns, goes to heaven and meets God, only to question as to why he was left to drown, and God replies 'but I sent 3 boats to rescue you'] if I were you, I would wake up tomorrow and go 'new day, new me.' and start fresh. You don't have to get a gym membership and start reading self help books, but start by doing one thing every day where you give thanks [i do a morning blessing where I thank my Gods for a new day and new possibilities] once you get into the routine of that one new thing, add something else [meditation, church, graduate journal, walk in the park] and slowly you can start to build your faith back up and eventually regain your relationship with God.

Good luck to you and your daughter.
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