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Origin of Magic
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The magicians in the Bible either gained their power from demonic forces or else they were little more than charlatans who pretended to have great knowledge or to discover secrets, tell fortunes, and predict things to come

Magic started in 2700 B.C. - The reputed first known performance of a conjuring effect was in Egypt by the magician Dedi

Lilith is also known to have had a influence with vampirism and sorcery

What i was told by Lilith when conjuring her

"My dear son you have made me the happiest wife of man may my blood grace your magic."
She took the form of a ghost a entity with pale skin black eys and long flowing red and black hair.
her being seemed to resinate with energy like heat coming of a flame.

She(Lilith) spoke of the day in Egypt she did not refer or speak of Dedi bout she showed me a constellation
3 stars to the east, seven stars to the North, one star in the middle, and and three stars the west with out light
It was a top a pyramid at night surrounded by sands and to the south an oasis

A entity ,a black figure with a brown robe embroidered on the seems with gold cloth holding a serpent staff
traveled a top the pyramid and drank the blood of Lilith
meaning she gave him powers through the absorption of part of her spirit
He took in liliths being and became a lilin

Lilith told me other stories of salem witches gaining power from her children the same way the entity now revealed as dedi had practiced.
Each power was different.
Lilith claimed she had the power of resurrection and bestowal of magical powers
she also claimed she had power over dreams lust and night

after the conjuring i felt as if she had not lied to me in the summoning,

but i am not sure

so what thi sspirit claims is the origin of christian magic has come from her,Lilith the queen of night.

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Re: Origin of Magic
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
An interesting story for the origin of magic. If it resonates with you that is good. However it is unverified personal gnosis. We have no proof of when magic started. I, personal, suspect it started when the cosmos started.
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Re: Origin of Magic
Post # 3
True but this is what the spirit has said
And the start of magic for gods was beyond time but for humans the spirit claim not
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Re: Origin of Magic
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Magic and associated practices are well known to have existed long before then.

Astrology was adopted from the Sumerians before the Egyptian empire. Their symbols are what influenced most astrology in the West from that point forward. This is at least 8000BC.

In the time of Moses, the method used for a Pharaoh to be the embodiment of, or son of, a god, was that the priests and current reigning monarch would invoke said deity -- possibly according to divination or astrological omens -- in the Pharaoh, before he copulated with his wife. The resulting pregnancy was believed to be the seed of the invoked god. By this time in history, the rituals involved were a long-established system of religious belief tied in with magic practice.

Tales of Lilith also predate ancient Egypt.

Archaeology has traced the practice of religion and shamanism to well before the origin of civilization.

2700BC is far too recent a date. Ten to twenty thousand years is more accurate.
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