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Bothered and Bewitched
By: / Knowledgeable
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In this post I hope to cover how you can tell that you have been afflicted by some kind of enchantment as well as a simple understanding on how to get rid of it.

For the last short while I have been seeing an increase of 'I am cursed!' or 'Someone put a spell on me!' and begging for methods and ways to get rid of said curse, it frustrates me to no end watching people go 'I have a spell on me, help!' and the first response is 'What sort of spell was cast on you?' - 9/10 times a person asking for a spell removal won't actually know what sort of spell they are influenced by.

A lot of newer practitioners will throw magic at anything, expect magic to fix and restore their life, it can help in various areas - but sometimes the best spell removals aren't the ones that actually involve any kind of spellcasting or ritual - it just all depends on the situtation - so buckle in, and lets get started.

How to tell if you have been Spelled.

Now this is quite complex, because different acts of magic will leave differing effects on people - a Curse is considerably different from a Love Spell, a Binding Work is much different from a Healing Ritual. I will note some very generalized symptoms of enchantment which can be applied within reason to different acts of magic.

  • Dreams - Dreams are probably one of the most helpful and unhelpful ways of telling if you have been spelled, why I say this is because our subconcious likes to use dreams to go over information from the day or recent activities within the last few weeks to understand what is going on. A big thing with newbies is after starting their path they will usually have a dream regarding the fact of their new found path - and will attribute it to some great spiritual epiphany; a dream can tell you that something is wrong with you, your subconcious has picked up you're not well and is suggesting you deal with it - the problem with this is that sometimes our Path related dreams are just dreams of fancy, and so you have to spend some time figuring out the signs in the dream - best to use your own interpretations as people view images differently.
  • Diviniation - If you're feeling in a spot of bother and can't figure out why, turn to your divination tools - they can give a general idea of something is not right - I generally use the Magician Card to represent acts of Magic and then read the cards around it in the spread to determine if Magic is involved.
  • Spirits - if you're working with spirits, they can tell if you're not in the right spot, so, feel free the ask the beings you work closely with (Don't ask any random spirit, because there are tricksters out there and humans aren't the only ones who scam)
  • The Physical - now in particular Curses will have an effect in the physical, it'll be more noticeable - are you feeling more sluggish than usual - a bit slower, are you experiencing pains in any certain areas? (With this, don't neglect the fact it could be just a sprained ankle or something more common than someone hexing you - consult your doctor about these pains if they become a lot more regular - just don't mention Magic)
  • Mentally - Do you feel your mind drifting to certain thoughts, are you feeling trapped? Are you thinking of a person more than you had realized - particularly a person who you don't really notice? Are you feeling drawn to certain actions (Be aware though that if you're experiencing some kind of depressive episodes etc and negative feelings - consult a professional before assuming magic.)
  • Magical Anchors - now this one is only really specific if you live near other practitioners - if you find physical objects made of various things on your property or in your house/bag/desk at work - more than likely someone is trying to charm you and sometimes magic is better upclose and personal.

It is always important to note when going over the symptoms of spell work if you have done anything recently that may have triggered certain symptoms - such as over exerting yourself, tripping over, binge drinking etc if you can't figure it out - it is probably magic related.

In my post Simple Acts of Magic, I noted that sometimes people do magic without even realizing it by putting intention into their words when really they are just being nasty etc but infact it counts as a Curse - more specifically - a Personal Jinx.

More than likely you'll find your problem is either not magically related at all or it was a Personal Jinx and your head is taking it pretty badly, I wouldn't say it is rare for practitioners to curse each other - it's more rare that anything will actually happen to you because of protections and some people are more bark than bite.

How do I remove the Spell or Jinx?

If it was a personal jinx from an argument from a friend, colleague or family member - it's simple - move on with your life, bury the hatchet and work on yourself - positive affirmations and a simple cleansing will do just fine.

Now if you are confronted by another practitioner who has infact spelled you, that is another can of worms altogether - so, how do we handle this? There are multiple answers, which are a mixture of just 'banish, cleanse, protect' - 'get over it' and my favourite quote from Uncle from the Jackie Chan Adventures Cartoon 'Magic must defeat Magic'.

Banish, Cleanse, Protect is such an easy method it is the default response to any magical attacks - utilize an act of Banishing - sweeping out the door, banging pots together to shoo any negative energies out or getting the spirits you work with to help kick it out. Cleanse just means to clean, clean the house, clean yourself - have a good deep clean - use a lotion made with herbs that react well with your skin (Witch-Hazel Body lotion is great for this) and finally Protect - redo your wards, feed your spirits and encourage them for better protection, shielding etc.

Get over it - it is what it say, you just need to get past it - positive affirmations, ignoring it and focusing on you.

Magic must defeat Magic - I find this one incredibly rare, mainly because it is very rare to see magical practitioners actually deal decent damage to each other - those who have been practicing a long while automatically go straight into Banish, Cleanse, Protect and Get over It and can get rid of it pretty quickly and since a lot of regularly redo our wards and feed our spirits - our protections are pretty good - so it is rare for another practitioner to encroach on you.
But it can still happen, for dealing with another person you have a variety of ways to handle it - Banish, Cleanse, Protect is so good you'd be a fool not to use it - however, sometimes you need a more specific remedy to handle different infections - so how do we deal with this.

  • Identify the Spell, follow the method above, with methods you have learnt from others and your own experiences to figure out what kind of magic has been used against you.
  • Identify the Practitioner - if you can, keep your ears to the ground and do some divination - ask your spirits to follow the magic to its source - unmask your attacker.
  • Once you know the Spell and the Practitioner who did it, then you can formulate a plan, for me, I love the Urinating in a Bottle method with nails and warming it on embers - this comes from the belief that every spell will contain a Practitioners blood and because of the spell, it will be in your system - so you'll be trapping your enemies essence in a sealed trap to torment them - this will sever any magic they have inflicted on you and harm the practitioner who did it.
    There are many other methods you can try, find the one that suits your purpose - if it's a curse, return to sender - if it's a love spell, put them down gently and direct their love somewhere else - if it's a binding, make them trip on their own coils - there are methods for this.

It is always important to remember when handling magic, keep yourself clean - after any removal rites - clean yourself, shower - bathe - scrub etc to make sure nothing is left on you and dispose of the objects used in the removal safely and away from your home.

If you manage to find a physical charm from another practitioner - an important note to follow - desecrate (Remove the enchantments and ritually kill the magic) dismantle the object and dispose of it safely away from your home.

This has been a very general and simplified guide to magic removal, it probably won't fit every scenario and very likely doesn't every method to handle this - so proceed with caution and handle it carefully and most importantly - look after yourself, if you're not well in any kind of way - it can affect you more.

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Re: Bothered and Bewitched
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

Great article, Weather.

One other cautionary note I will add here. Take any claims by some fortune teller or spellcaster that you don't know and trust with a whole salt shaker of salt. A common scam is to tell you that there is a curse on you that they will remove if you pay them a bunch of money. If you do this it is likely that they will come back and say their curse removal didn't work and they want to do another which will cost even more money. Nine times out of ten such claims are mearly scams that will cost you a bunch of money when there was no curse there to start with.

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Re: Bothered and Bewitched
Post # 3

Defiantly worth the read.

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Re: Bothered and Bewitched
Post # 4
It can also be helpful to charm a simple object with a basic mechanism that can be made to act irregularly. Like a simple watch or other such item. ((Obviously nothing digital))

Simply take the item in question. Hold it in your hands and meditate until your mind is clear of all thoughts and distractions. Then focus your intent on the mechanism and will it to do something like have a hand on it's face ((in the case of a watch)) begin to move out of alignment when something is trying to curse you.

Or take a simple compass where it is easy to remove the magnet and make it free floating. Then repeat the steps above with a slight twist. Will it to point in the direction trouble is coming from. If it harmlessly floats at random then you are fine. If it quickly floats to a specific posistion that is where your trouble is coming from

Lastly meditation itself is a valued tool that all magicians should gain a practice of. Start early and practice often. Not only will this help to solidify intent you can use it during rituals of communication to increase clarity or in this cass by stilling your mind you may be able to detect whispers that are not your own. Many journeyman practicioners (( the sort to curse and hex new magic users for their own pleasure)) use vocal evocations that repeat as mantras in the targets head.

And if all else fails have someone skilled do a reading. You may not want to do one yourself as certain types of magic can obscure your ability to read a situation
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