explain my dream please.

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explain my dream please.
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I had a dream.

In that dream i was in another world.

The world was in a fantasy medieval-ish era.

In the dream i had a feeling that the world was troubled, or chaos was about to happen in this world.

The world had towns and villages, mountains and rivers, dragons flying across the sky and there was even magic that you could see with your very own eyes.


But there was something that was very interesting to me.

I saw a big tower that reached the clouds, There were balconies and a lot of floors in that tower.

But there were dragons flying near the tower, and some of them went standing on the balconies.

But now that i think about it, It looked like they were attacking the tower trying to bring it down, And if that is the case then they succeeded in doing that.

The tower collapsed and fell down, It destroyed everything that was under it or even near the tower like towns and villages, everything was destroyed.

And then.


There was chaos everywhere, The villages and towns were on fire, The skies were dark red with smoke everywhere.

And then there was darkness and silence, I cannot use any of my senses, i cannot see or hear anything.

But after a short period of time.

I found myself in what looked like a giant cave that was lit up with fire magma and glowing light blue crystals.

There were some people in the cave too, They looked like survivors from the destroyed towns and villages.

After standing there for some time, A bunch of dark entities that were darker than black approached from the darkness.

They tried to attack me and the people with me.

One of them was targeting me heading towards me, I was in fear and could not move when suddenly some words came up in my mind and i pointed my hand towards the dark entity and chanted them, sadly i do not remember the words.

When i finished chanting the short words that sounded like a spell, White smoke that was emitting light suddenly appeared in front of my hand and shot towards the dark entity with incredible speed hitting the entity making it explode with bright blinding light.

The rest of the entities left of the others and starting speeding toward me, And i did the same thing to them.

I chanted the words over and over destroying all of them with the spell.

Anyways after i finished there was darkness again, All of my senses are gone again.


After another short period of time i suddenly found myself sitting on the grass near some people.

There were two devices on the ground that we seemed to be investigating.

One of them was an artifact that looked like a keyboard with numbers.

And another one looked like a screen that was made out of a material that was similar to glass.

They were both ancient looking artifacts.

I do not know how but i knew the artifacts belonged to a genius witch that i knew.

The screen one had scratched of numbers all over it, I somehow remember a memory where i inserted the number on the device.

The number was 3937, there were a bunch of numbers and i only remember "3937" when i woke up today.

Anyways it started playing a chilling creepy video on the screen, I will try my best to describe it.

It was a mysterious face that was chanting what i can describe as spells darker than black that it sent a chill down my spine when it finished.

We looked at each other with the same horrified expression on our faces.

We took a break then after that started investigating the other numbers that were written or scratched on the screen artifact, I somehow knew that the numbers were written by the genius witch that i knew and the artifacts belong to her too.

I also somehow knew that the witch was sadly missing or dead.

Every number we inserted did something like a video or some application came up on the screen.

Anyways that's all i remember for this part of the dream.


There is another part of the dream that i was in my real room and i was with the genius witch and we had the artifact, there was also a child in the room with us.

We were trying things on the artifact and we tried inserting certain numbers but the kid kept missing it up by pressing random keys on the keyboard artifact.

I tried to take the artifact away from the kid.

He got really annoyed and angry and i felt something crushing me from above, it was like an invisible strong force that the kid was controlling.


That is all i remember from the dream, But what is bothering me is that the dream was hyper-realistic.

So i am not sure if it was really A dream, or if it has something to do with astral projection and spiritual things, Like a meaning.

That's why i want someone to help explain it to me, I will be glad to give out any details that are necessary.

Thank you.
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Re: explain my dream please.
Post # 2
Perhaps it wasn't truly astral projection but instead was a message. Try going through every step and analyze it. Dreams can show us memories or it can show us lessons. You need to decided what the lesson for this dream was.
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Re: explain my dream please.
Post # 3
The problem is that i did not really have anything that is close to what happens in the dream, I have never seen things before like the artifacts, so i am not sure how my mind came up with these things in the dream.

Even the shapes of the artifacts and the people in the dream, never seen anything like them before.

I am not sure if it is possible for my mind to create faces and objects that were not seen before.

But i will try my best to learn the meaning of the dream.
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