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Questions about energy

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Questions about energy
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Questions about energy
Post # 1
OK well to start ide like to say that this feels a bit difficult and awkward to try to describe since I don't really understand it. That's kind of the point is to get a better understanding of what is going on. So the thing is I keep feeling this energy. It's been going on for several years now and I think it's time I try to get some help finding some answers. So the center of the flow of this energy is always in the same place, it's just above the center of my back below my shoulder blades. Now usually it feels like this flow is comming in, kind of feels like its charging me up to where it feels like my whole body is vibrating. But sometimes it feels like energy is being sucked out of me and my energy is being drained. Now one weird thing Is that I can hold the electrodes of a voltage meter in my fingers and watch my body's voltage go up and down with the energy I feel. I've even compared my current to other people and mine is always at least double what theirs is but usually mine is about 5x higher on average just at normal level. Then when I feel this flow it goes up several times from there. I don't know what I've peaked at since I need to sort of meditate to get to the peak and trying to watch or have someone else watch is too much of a distraction. Another weird thing is I seem to be able to communicate with this energy. It's just simple yes or no answers and it took me a little while to figure that out. Best I can describe it is either a push and pull feeling or a positive or negative charge at times. It's pretty subtle but distinctive. And since I've started listening it's been right every single time. I feel like I'm missing something here though. Like there's alot more to it and sometimes even feel like it gets as frustrated as I do. It's kind of like there's a battier, like static or interference. I feel like its something that can be amplified or channeled and even directed if I could get like a stronger connection I could build up a bigger charge. I mean what I've experienced so far has been pretty intense at times but still feels limited and nowhere near what I feel my capacity could be. Like I've been zotted pretty good by electricity in my life, and it actually feels a bit similar but it's more of a full body charge, more like static. But its not like I can walk up and zap someone but I've been told someone could feel my current through my touch and feel my charge around me. So other than all of that I don't know how else to describe it. Now what I'm looking for here is if anyone could possibly tell me what might be going on. Has anyone heard of or experienced anything like this? I've looked all over online and hasn't found much help at this point. And im also wondering what I might be able to do to get a stronger connection or amplify it. So far I've had a little luck using tones from the solfeggio scale. Even just humming a tone seems to make a noticeable difference. I'm also wondering about location. Like there's a place near me called Crestone Colorado and My Blanca that's supposed to be a very spiritual place that has to do with ley lines and vortices and has alot of weird crap happen like UFO sightings and animal mutilations and all that good stuff. But I'm just supposed to go climb this 14000 foot mountain and sit on top and wait and hope I don't get mutilated or violated by aliens in the middle of the night? I mean there has to be something I can do to increase my odds of finding what I'm looking for while I'm up there. So yeah Ide be thankful for any help or direction I could get on this.
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Re: Questions about energy
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Mike, please use paragraphs to make your long posts easier to parse.

To some extent, you seem to already be drawing conclusions on what you believe is happening. So some extent, you are contradicting yourself -- namely about whether you perceive this 'energy' as an energy which you contain within yourself, or whether it is an entity, as you have said you communicate with it and it has emotions.

That said, I don't believe anyone here can tell you what is going on. It's a very interesting tale, nonetheless.

You may want to look into reiki, possibly the Tree of Life, and other esoteric representations of energy centers and flow in the body.

I would encourage you to do as much research as you please on the subject, but beware of people being too vague on the topic. There are far too many people who know very little, and have the talent of pretending to know a lot. For a very specific and relevant example, the ubiquitous use of the word 'energy' for all things energy, presenting the concept as universally interchangeable with all types of energies.

Yes: Some known types of scientifically defined energies are generated in the human body -- such as electrical, as you have apparently been measuring. The nervous system works with electric impulses. But be wary that you do not think that this is metaphysical energy; some may believe the two can interact, but they are certainly not the same. If it were so, then metaphysical energy (or energies) could be measured, quantified, and all of this spiritual stuff people believe could be proven, disproven, and very well defined.

The same advice goes for things like 'vibrations.' While you are experiencing a correlation between your experiences and certain musical tones (there have been others who have studied the same, and traditions are currently active which still do), remember that not all vibrations are interchangeable. Audio vibrations -- even supersonic and subsonic -- are not the same as electromagnetic, atomic, and so-on.

These things by no mean invalidate your experience nor any actual good advice some people may have. Just be careful. Read with a critical eye, take claims with a grain of salt.

Before I digress further, I might recommend that you do not have to sit at the top of a mountain for long periods of time. While doing so might be an amazing experience, I think you can possibly discover a lot about yourself and these sensations you have described through meditation, introspection, study, and experimentation.

Also be aware that dietary habits can change levels of conductivity in a person's body. If your water-electrolyte balance is different, you may very well show a different level of current flowing. It can absolutely affect your body's electrical resistance. A tingling sensation might also be a sign of a medical condition, and heightened nerve activity due to a stimulus might explain a higher amount of electrical impulse in your system. There may be a medical explanation.
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Re: Questions about energy
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Welcome.
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