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Guidance with my daughter
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I have a 10 year old daughter at home. She has developed quite a personality and is coming into her own skin. She recently found out she is an empath like me. She is learning how to live with it and develop it. On Halloween night, we learned that she can hear the deceased. She awoke at 12:30 at night and got out of bed and proceeded to go outside. I found her coming up the stairs. I have never been so scared. She was holding on to clothing that had belonged to my sister in law who passed away last December. She told me that she heard her voice and followed it. I am not sure what to do from here. I do not have any experience myself in this. Could someone give me some kind of guidance on how I can help my daughter?
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Re: Guidance with my daughter
By: / Novice
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Personally I think there are a couple places you can start that will help. Most of it involves helping her to keep her feet on the ground- so to speak.

For example, teaching her to listen to her intuition when dealing with the presences of other beings. If an entity 'says' it is nice, but 'feels' like it isn't, then she should trust her inner warnings and act according to them.

Also, it might be a good idea to have a nice long sit-down talk about the wisdom of discretion. When you discover new, exciting things... especially when you are young, the first thing you want to do is talk to -everyone- about it. Naturally considering the nature of, well, human nature, it can go a long ways to help her understand that not everyone is as connected to energy and spirit as others. Some people are afraid of it, others will hate it outright and might lash out at people who want to talk about it because of their own judgments. So while she shouldn't be afraid of talking about her experiences with people she trusts... she should be aware of the value of silence when she isn't sure of how receptive others might be.

Also, teaching her cleansing meditations and visualizations will also help, and make sure she knows that she needs to set some rules on what she will allow and what she won't. Just like when dealing with people, she needs to be able to hold her own boundaries and to know that she has the ability to ignore or send away any beings that might try to be troublesome or bullying. Just because a spirit asks her to do something, or suggests an idea, she still always has her own will and free choice. No entity can ever force her to do things she does not want to do, and if they try to force her, she should tell you (or any other person you guys agree you trust with this topic) right away.

If you guys follow any particular path, get yourselves a holy symbol from that path and she can keep it with her as a shield she can call on for help as well. (Like a cross, or pentagram, david's star, etc). There are a few different crystals she can wear as well for some added protection and good vibes;

-Herkimer Diamond; they're a small double-terminated clear quartz. They pack a lot of punch and magnify any positive energies they are used with.
-Amethyst; Universally a good stone for healing, balance, and positive energy
-Obsidian, snowflake obsidian, Labradorite, Malachite, Hematite, and Black tourmaline are all great stones for grounding away negative energy
-Apache tears are good to sleep with, they help let go of negativity.
-Tiger's eye, Kyanite (blue green or black), pyrite, and fluorite are all good for keeping energy balanced and aligned and promoting spiritual strength
-Moldovite is always reccommend as a really potent stone for promoting connection to energy, growth in personal authority, and spiritual progress. They can be expensive to get though.

In the end, the trick will be to help her retain her personal authority, teach her how to trust her instincts and feelings to help her recognize good situations from bad ones, and to learn some of the tools she can use to restore a sense of protection and strength when she might need it.
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