I need some serious help

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I need some serious help
Post # 1
A few years ago I purchased this house and from the time I put the offer on this home its been a living hell. Shorty after the offer was put in my oldest son and I had a fall out and haven't spoken since even when I tried to get a hold of him. I started to get anxiety and it progressed and thats just sept. In Oct went to vegas with my youngest and I didn't enjoy it at all for some reason and my youngest and I hardly saw one another and my ex gf and I had some what of a fall out. A few week or so later one of our dogs was killed by one of our other dogs which they never fought ever. In Nov My youngest son and I had a fall out and spent thankgiving alone and my anxiety was getting worse. In Dec again my youngest and I had another fall out this time he was bringing things from the past, and I cast a spell on my ex to break her and her husband up cause of what they were doing to my youngest getting him to be in the middle of our problems. I spent Christmas alone and New Years too this is 2015. Then in 2016 my anxiety gets worse I was afraid to go outside and my mind was wondering so bad that I almost couldn't function, I tried to get help but ran into so many road blocks it was unreal. IN Feb my son kicks me out of his place all of a sudden. and again my anxiety was lessening but had to function. In March I went to my aunts house to stay for a spell and it was awful there everyone was arguing and fighting and it seemed there was alot of unsettled spirits there. In April I went back to my girlfriends and in just a week or so she became very abusive physically and mentally this went on till I left in May. In June my uncle passed away right out of the blue. I get fired from a job. In july I go broke and the house I was working on had more problems that I knew about. In Sept I got hurt raking leaves of all things and this injury stayed till Dec. My personal life of failed relationships and dates one right after another. My car broke down a few times unsure why I kept it up and well maintained. I spend all the holidays alone except for Christmas and I was only invited cause these kids spent all their money and had no food in the house. I spent again New Years alone. Now its 2017 I spent a winter with no power or water temps on the avg were below zero Feb was a mess one of my sons frieds passed away suddenly and in March things were looking up I got my stuff out of storage and I had power in my home but my youngest son went into the ER. In April I get sick a UTI never had one before in my life and had complications from that, my grandma dies with alot of questoins behind it. My youngest son is now in the hospital really sick and my UTI is worse. In May my uti is gone but my Youngest son is still very sick and my ex wife won't let me be involved with his care on May 31,2017 my son Ben passed away and to this day I don't know why other than the doctor said something about Pancreatic cancer which doesn't run in my family at all. In June my ex wife wont let me go to any of my son memorials or services my oldest son still not talking to me neither is my daughter period. MY house is a mess still not working and barley getting by. In Aug I have my uti come back or so I though in Sept I found out I have a tumor in my bladder and on the 26th have it removed after my surgery my girlfriend just walks away leave me no reason just leaves. I find out that my doctor who performed the surgery was gone for two weeks with no post op care instructions. In Oct my post op health starts taking a turn and the pain is getting worse I"m loosing sleep massively and on Oct 13 I get the new about my tumor and find out its muscle invasive and nothing more, later on my aunts call me up and told me to come over to the other side of the state and they will help me out and I will be better, It hasn't been two days after I get there the drama starts at one aunts house family fued starts and my pain is getting worse then I'm sent over to my other aunts house for my second opinion only to find out that I have terminal bladder cancer squamous cell carcinoma and the doctors didn't even do any other test from my orginal tests. MY aunt was taking control of every thing and I wanted to go to another hospital which I felt better about cause the hospital that she sent me to was the very same one that my son died in and I didn't feel comfortable at all in.MY aunt has not supported me at all I'm stuck here with no way of getting around and to get the help I need.
I need your help please I want this curse lifed off me and reverse the curse I put on my ex I regret doing it but good gravy its been to much to cope with. HELP! Please!
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Re: I need some serious help
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: I need some serious help
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Paragraphs, please! It makes long posts much easier to read.

Firstly, let's address the abysive situations. If your SO is abusive, leave! If they meavr you, don't wish for their return! I think this alone has aggected you considerably, and you perhaps need to talk to someone about it. You've mentioned several abusive situations in your post, by girlfriends and by family.

Regarding your surgery, if you find out your doctor goes on vacation immediately after, without at least referring someone else for your post-op care, you should have found another doctor immediately! I'm glad you eventually did. It could have potentially killed you.

I wish I had an answer about your kids' quarrels with you, but sometimes family just fights. There are certain topics I refuse to breach with my own family for the sake of peace, and I have some family with whom I will never speak again because they are toxic. If you want a peaceful relatioship with your kids, you might have to make some changes along those lines.

Not all forms of pancreatic cancer are hereditary, and not all hereditary forms of (potentially) pancreatic cancer are always expressed in a person, nor when they are, do they always result in pancreatic cancer. Sometimes cancer develops for inexplicable reasons, and all we can do is fight.

As for your anxiety, it may be a result of your circumstance. But it can be addressed. Meditation, counselling, medication possibly, and more. It can be dealt with.

Whether this is actually a curse, or the backfiring of the breakup spell you did, or is just life, is not for me to determine. If you believe it is a curse, banish, cleanse, ward and protect.
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Re: I need some serious help
Post # 4
Some times life hands you a pile of poo. Try to make a mental effort to lift yourself out of it. Tell yourself that 2018 is going to be your best year ever. Your health will improve if you stay away from toxic people and focus on yourself. You can only do what you can and trying to stay positive will help you cope. Ask Apollo to help you. He is the ultimate Healer.
I would get a second opinion from a different Doctor. Sending you healing energies and I really hope your luck turns around.
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