Proper prayers?

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Forums -> Other Paths -> Proper prayers?

Proper prayers?
Post # 1
It’s been a bit since I’ve found my patron goddess, who is Breksta, but now I am running into issues. Breksta is the Lithuanian goddess of dreams, fate and night. I want to set up a shrine, and do other things for her, but my family wouldn’t be accepting. All I can do right now is do prayers, and those have problems.

My first question is this: what ways can I honor Breksta without ever really getting caught?

A second issue is this: how should I properly do prayers? I’ve tried doing them consistently, and I have had more dreams as a result of it. Also, as a side note, those dreams are often ones that let me understand the future more. However, when I forgot, I had a long dream, I woke up and remembered a prayer, but Breksta must have felt that I didn’t deserve protection from the rest of my dream where I died, in the dream. When I woke up from the short dream afterwords, I had a tingling feeling and felt like I got no sleep. And the prayers I do do always feel off, wrong almost.

Here’s the information that I didn’t really include but should’ve:

The reason why I am asking this is because the information on Breksta is scarce and vague when found. I’ve found two good sources, and neither included prayers.

I haven’t remembered the prayers I used, but each one was three lines long and just didn’t feel right saying.

Breksta isn’t just the goddess of dreams and night, she’s supposed to be the protector in your dreams. I rarely die in my dreams, but frequently get near-death dream experiences. I always die in the same way, but that’s probably just my fear of heights playing into my dreams a bit.
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Re: Proper prayers?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: Proper prayers?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
I can't answer your first question without knowing your own situation, only you can really develop your own methods for honouring a deity. You may think of your body, and your mind, as a temple in which your spirit can worship Breksta. This means living how you believe she would want you to live, keeping her in the back of your mind, and offering passive devotion.

There are other methods, I am just sharing with you what I do when I am in public or not able to access my altar.

As for your second question, I believe there is no such thing as a perfect prayer, I think just repeating something over and over devalues that thing if your devotion doesn't increase over time. I think prayers should come from the heart, it shouldn't be someone else's words, it should be your own, it should be personal, personal to the point where you would not want to share it with anyone. A true prayer will leave you feeling different than when you began praying, it should deliver some inner change, be that emotional, mental, or spiritual.

This again is my opinion, others will disagree.
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Re: Proper prayers?
Post # 4
I would say that you just talk to your deity, with love and sincerity. I understand you cannot outright honor her, but you could have some flowers in your room as an offering to her.
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Re: Proper prayers?
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
Breksta stands for womans prehistoric life, a symbolism, an element if you will, not human, nor animal, nor legend, she is our dreamer goddess, and when we dream, we enter her language, a language of the soul, of image, of projection, of creative mirrors and through our emotional body we return to it when we need it, when nature and we were one.

You need to do more information and studies on your goddess and get to know her better, though you state to worship this deity you should know what to give as an offering.
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