Charging energy?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Charging energy?

Charging energy?
Post # 1
How could i program my energy into a specific object with a intent of what I want it to do for me. Here's a example of what I mean : I program my energy into a object with a intent of getting good luck so whenever I wear or have the object on me Ima have good luck
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Re: Charging energy?
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
A lot of deep visualization and intent. I recommend doing a bit of personal research into energy manipulation before trying to charge objects to make it a little easier to understand. The first energy manipulation techniques I tried involved using both hands to make balls of energy. Once I could make the ball in my hands I moved to trying to make balls that had energy for specific purposes, then I moved to objects.
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Re: Charging energy?
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
*moved to charging objects
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Re: Charging energy?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
The basic principle of this process is actually fairly simple. Though it does help to begin with simple concepts like programming things with good emotions or simple ideas. It also helps to have a small object that is naturally friendly towards receiving and holding energy. A simple clear quartz crystal is fantastic for this. They are dirt cheap to get, they are easy to find in any metaphysical shop and even some libraries and flower stores, and quartz is -highly- receptive to energy and programming.

A simple exercise is to sit in a comfortable position while lightly cupping the crystal in your palms. Take a moment to focus on your breathing and relax. When you feel more focused, take a full breath in and imagine an emotionally charged energy gathering in the area of your solar plexus. Make sure it is a simple idea like 'peace', or 'smile', or any positive emotion. Imagine it as a feeling of warmth. Then, while breathing out, imagine that feeling of warmth running to your shoulders, down your arms, and out your hands into the crystal.

Repeat these mindful breaths for as long as you can manage to stay focused on the task. Usually three or four breaths will do. With each out breath imagine the crystal soaking up th energy you are producing and becoming charged up like a battery.

When you are done simply set the crystal aside somewhere for a bit. Then, later on (or when you want to make use of the enrgy) simply hold the crystal again, and imagine it already glowing brightly with that energy you charged it with. Hold it in the hand you usually use to draw energy inward and imagine that light once again becoming a feeling of warmth as it soaks up into you again.

Just to interject a quick tip; Both hands on most people can receive and project energy, but each usually favors one action over the other. On average your dominant hand tends to be the 'out' hand. If you aren't sure, just cup the crystal in both hands and it will work fine.

If you want to de-program the crystal, just use the same exercise only imagining the crystal being washed through with a neutral white light. Or wash it under running water for a minute or so. Or soak it in some salt water. Either way, once de-programmed it is a blank slate again and good to go. If you want to re-charge the crystal in a more generic sense, just set it out in a place where it can be hit by direct sunlight and moonlight and leave it there for a day or two.

This exercise is actually good practice on several fronts. It is a simple meditation, uses cisualization and energy working, and so it helps you tune in to yourself and also get practice in working with and connecting to crystals as well.

If you want to go a more 'bespoke magic' route, you can still use the same crystal, or any other object you would like really within your desired spell. Place the object at the center of the spell. (IE; in the middle of your altar or within a small circle, at the center of a crystal layout, or on your person). While working the spell of your choice, be it for protection or luck or positivity, imagine the energy of the spell soaking steadily into the object during the course of the casting. At the closure of the working when you would normally release the energy 'to the ether', instead direct your attention directly to the object and use a personal affirmation of it becoming the source of the spell.

For example if you were using a crystal, at the end of the working you might wish to say something like "Let the seat of this stone be the seat of this spell." Or if it was to be tied to a pendant or other neclace, using a statement like "Let this spell rest on the wearer of this [insert item here] ".

Also, as a last tip personally I find that you can work with just about anything in this manner. However some things might be easier for you to connect with than others. Personally I favor doing these sorts of workings with natural materials. Like wood or crystal pendants, metal bracelets or rings (silver is my favorite), and the like.
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