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Uncrossing and Cleansing
By: / Beginner
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Gemjeter brought this up and I figured I'd make a whole post about it.

Uncrossing, Cleansing, and Protection

These three things are very different, but my Grams and I came up with our own recipe for combining all 3. If you do negative works, bad jobs, or crossings, make sure you cleanse your altar and home. If you think you have been crossed, afflicted, or haunted by negative force, use this to cleanse yourself and your home.

What You Need:

  • Dry Herbs, including:

  1. Rue

  2. Sage

  3. Rosemary

  4. Cinnamon

  5. Lavender

  6. Eucalyptus

  7. Willow Leaf

  • White candles

  • Cloth Bags

  • Carving knife/needle (for candle)

  • Table Salt

  • Clean, white, un-lined paper

  • Pen (ink should be black or blue)

  • Altar or clean place to do the work

  • Hair and/or Photo of target

Things You Don't Need, but are VERY useful:

  • Black Hen Feathers

  • Ground Coffee

  • Sprigs and leafs from herbs listed above

  • White string or Satin Thread

  • Circular Mirror covered in a cloth

What we will be making:

  1. Floor Sweep

  2. Bath

The Ritual

First things first: you need to identify whether or not you are actually cursed. Consult at least two different psychics. They may be able to give you deeper insights into what the curse actually is, where it came from, and what else you can do or add to this work.

Next, pray over every. single. ingredient. I mean it. It makes a difference. Define a purpose for each ingredient you add. Rue is good for protection, cinnamon is aggressive defense, sage is cleansing, rosemary is purification, etc. etc. You can find most of the herbs listed above online with their unique purposes and properties.

Once all of these things have been blessed (be it by your patron saint, ancestral spirits, inner light, or some kind of deity), begin assembling your Job. Make sure you do this during the day, preferably in your home in direct sunlight if possible.

First, we're creating the Floor Sweep/Bath. Go to your sacred place and pour all of the above herbs into your cloth/tea bag. Bless the combined ingredients with the expressed purpose of purification, cleansing, and protection. Plead with your ancestors/spirits/guardians/gods to embue the ingredients in the bag with those properties. Allow the feelings of peace and love to fill you as you do this. If you're just muttering over some kitchen goods, nothing will happen. You have to feel the love, life, and protection you seek.

This Floor Sweep/Bath is now ready for two things: make sure you have enough to sprinkle all over your floors. If you have carpet, a tiny pinch in each room will do. If you have tile or hardwood or anything else like that, spread liberally. Pray over each cleansed room (make sure to get everywhere, including closets and cabinents) and dust/sweep the ingredients around, if you can. Otherwise, a simple prayer over each space you spread the Floor Sweep will cover it. The remaining incredients/Floor Sweep should be re-blessed with the purpose of a bath.

Have the afflicted enter a tub of warm water. Brew as much tea as you can using these incredients. Set the tea nearby, bless the subject with protection, purity, protection, and cleansing, and then bathe the subject. If you are under the age of 18, are not related to the subject, or do not have their consent to bathe them, DO NOT BATHE THEM. LET THEM DO IT THEMSELVES. The target must be comfortable with the process for it to work. Make sure they take a clean rag and wash themselves with the tea until they are cleansed.

Rinse and repeat several times as needed, or until they feel cleaner, safer, or more whole.

The final phase of the ritual is a bit more aggressive.

For me, I'd take a mirror covered in a cloth and bless it for the express purpose of rebounding the energies and negativities away from you. Some say it is bad luck to look at yourself in the mirror, so depending on whether or not you feel purpose the mirror to rebound the curse upon the sender, or whether you use it to see the target's soul and cleanse it, it's up to you. Do what you want.

Unclothe the mirror, making sure not to see your own (or the target/subjects) reflection upon it once it is blessed. Cover the entire mirror in salt that is blessed to protect and purify. Lay out the floor sweep in a ring around the mirror AND on the mirror. Add the hair and/or photograph of the target/subject anywhere on the mirror and ask that the protection be offered to them and that the negativity be reflected away from them. (Make sure photogrpahs do NOT face the mirror)

IF you have Black Hen Feathers, bless them to purify and chase away evil spirits. Annoint them with any purity oil you have. Use them to brush open a small hole in the center of the mirror where you will place your WHITE Carved Candle. Burn the bottom of the candle and then press it down into the mirror so that the wax hardens and sticks.

Now. If you don't know how to carve a candle, the easiest way is to just carve the name and birthday of the target/subject and command the candle to burn away the negativity still lingering in the home and around the target/subject. Continually pray over the candle as it burns. Watch for wax forming in scorpion tails, curls, or mountains. If this forms, take a long match and hold it over the candle's flame. Picking up the purifying flame, put the lit match near the mounds or scorpion tails and command them to burn away and purify.

Feel the purity, protection, and warmth inside you as you do this. Command the magic to do this. Beg your spirits/patrons to help you do this. Once the candle burns down completely and goes out on its own, one of two things will happen:

If the mirror beneath the candle breaks because of the heat, there is an extremely powerful crossing on you and you will need to to do the entire ritual again. If the candle burns out before the wick is free of the wax, you need to re-pray and re-light it. If the wix burns completely and you feel the spell is done, offer thanks to the spirits who helped you.

Wrapping Up

Take the feathers, a stick of cinammon, and any other herbs and tie them in a string. Write the subjects name, the date, and your petition (demanding to be protected) and hang it above the door in your home. If you have any left over Floor Sweep, lay it in thin lines at every entrance to the home, including windows.


This is a powerful spell. It is best performed with more than one individual and repeated a few times until all negative forces are cleansed from your home. Do not be afraid to ask for help.

Also if you have Graveyard Dirt that is actually properly harvested, feel free to add that too.

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Re: Uncrossing and Cleansing
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Well written, well constructed, and definitely thorough. This is -absolutely- going into my favorites list!

Thank you (And Grams) for posting up this recipe! ^_^
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Re: Uncrossing and Cleansing
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Glad someone else found it to be useful. Stay safe out there.
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