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Touched by Reaper?

Forums ► Spiritual Creatures ► Touched by Reaper?
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Touched by Reaper?
Post # 1
Hello people,
I need somebody who can tell me about a certain evil entity
It looked like a Dementor or a reaper. Two nights ago, I saw it in a mirror when I was laying in bed, more awake than asleep: He was popping out of the ceiling, right over the pillow and my head. He had a small scythe with a long blade in his arms and he was moving his head down towards my head.
The creature appeared ghost-like and very tall and wide. It seemed humanoid but neither had real hands, nor a face. The whole body and the scythe were completely black. The body was not skeletton-like, but rather cloth-like. I did not notice any sound, smell or cold temparature when it was near by. The entity's ambush was quick and quiet, almost impossible to detect if I were not unexpectedly woken up. It was because of a nightmare.

He hit me in the head with its scythe, before immedeately taking flight through the ceiling again. I got goosebumps and my head was beginning to tingle. My hair felt electric and i panicked, screaming but unable to move. This experience really scares me and I am quite worried what is going to happen now. What does that "attack" mean? How evil is that spirit in the worst case? Is something bad going to happen to me now? I hope some experienced people here can tell me what to do about it now. Please contact me.

Best greets,
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Re: Touched by Reaper?
Post # 2
In my opinion, it seems less like a supernatural attack and more like a natural phenomenon. It's not uncommon for people suddenly woken by nightmares or outside stimuli to suffer from things like sleep paralysis and sensory hallucinations. I suggest you look into these subjects before jumping straight to the conclusion that you've been ambushed by an evil entity, especially if you don't have a history of perceiving supernatural phenomena.
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Re: Touched by Reaper?
Post # 3
I am really sorry @Elidark. But you are not right in any point. I maybe haven't spoken clearly but the encounter happened after my dream. I was paralyzed, but very well awake. And i have probably seen many more entities than others. Maybe you were just trying to make me feel better. Or maybe you don't believe in their existence. But I can tell you they are more real than we are lol
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Re: Touched by Reaper?
Post # 4
I suppose that's fair. I'll admit I still think you might be jumping to conclusions with this, but either way, if you feel threatened by this presence, you should give it the ol' zurp and flurp. Cleanse the space, then ward it. I recommend cleansing with a little salt, some moonwater, candle light, and a nice incense or smudge stick. After that, throw up your favorite wards, recharging as you feel is applicable.
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Re: Touched by Reaper?
Post # 5
Good tipp. Thank you. I might let somebody help me at this because I don't feel 100% safe to this (after what happened). But cleansing is always a good method
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Re: Touched by Reaper?
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
Hmm... this does indeed sound like an interesting puzzle. i can certainly understand how this event would have been rather unnerving, considering the circumstances. There could be a few different culprits to what happened. While wisdom states it is indeed advisable to rule out the mundane first in every situation, it does seem like this has already been done.

Now, the good news is that it was most likely not some sort of reaper or other 'angel of death'. They are not ever a cause of death, but instead are mainly present at the time of passing, to act as guide, ferryman, or in some paths judge. But in all cases they aren't there to do the killing, they are there to get you to where you are meant to go.

As for whether this was the act of a malicious entity, or perhaps just a mischievous one is difficult to say for sure. best i can do at the moment is break down the details and go over the possibilities. the rest is up to you, your intuition, and what sounds like it fits what you experienced.

First, the appearance; having an entity appear to you in a form reminiscent of death or similar things that one associates with death seems like a pretty blatant attempt to intimidate or shock you, and it might have been specifically to instill a fear of death. ... but it might have also been something simpler, like a strong attempt to get you to notice it and pay direct attention. It might have been less about nefarious or harmful intent and more about -really- needing to get you to pay attention to something- even if it is as simple as recognizing its presence.

The nightmare; considering that the nightmare and presence of the entity are concurrent, it might be helpful to get details about the nightmare itself. If it was a malicious entity, It may have been causing the nightmare so details could be relevant. did the entity, or some image similar to the entity appear in the nightmare? What was the context? Were there any particular images, actions, or words/ideas that seem significant?

The sensations; When the entity was close to you after you woke up, you said you didn't feel cold or any real sense of a negative presence. IE; No cold, no smells or sounds. It is unusual for a negative entity to be near to a person, especially if it is attacking, and for there to not be some sort of personal reaction to it. The natural process of an attack, and the usual end goal of making you feel vulnerable and weak to try and get energy and fear from you has a natural tendency to create sensations of cold, weakness, fatigue, loss of mental focus, etc. it may have been adrenaline overriding things because of the shock of the moment, or it may have been that there was not an attack in progress. This might bear some consideration.

As for when the entity whacked your noggin with the scythe, the sensations you described of tingling and electric-feeling in your hair are familiar to me, but not from attack. When meditating, or in other periods of heightened awareness towards my third eye and/or crown, I sometimes get a sensation of energy flowing to those areas en-masse, causing a sudden opening of flow in the area. It also used to happen when I first started handling Moldovite actually. (it's a pretty potent little rock!)

When those two chakras get thrown open, it can generate a tingling sensation that -almost- feels like an itch, or like a hint of pins and needles on the forehead and scalp. And it can also make a goosebump like sensation of my head hair trying to stand on end- making it feel electric and 'buzzy'.

I can really understand why you might have screamed a bit. I can only imagine how much of a startle this event would have been. but I am really conflicted as to whether this was an attack, or something else entirely. other than the nightmare and your own fear reaction I am not noticing any specific details that cry out as something harmful.

Now don't get me wrong though, make sure to ponder the situation along with the information i have gleaned. After all you are the one who experienced the situation so you are obviously much more in tune to what happened than I could be. Just take some time to examine the small details, and go through it piece by piece if you need to. But, attack or not, it is at lease apparent that there haven't been any lasting effects because you would have been feeling them by now. So either there was no intended harm, or else the attempt at harm was thwarted.

If you still feel worried about it, Like what was already said do a personal cleansing through whatever practices you are familiar with, smudge your area with some sweet-grass, sage, or cedar, or mix a pinch or two of any of those herbs into some coarse salt and place it in a shallow bowl. You can put the bowl in the window to help 'soak up' any negative energies. or, if you have a tea-light, take it out of its small tin base and set it into the middle of the salt then give it a light. It will warm the salt to enhance its function in the air. Just be aware the wax will also melt into the salt so use an older bowl you don't mind needing a bit of a scraping to clean.
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