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Astral healing
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In my studies I have found connections all beings seem to have with the earth. There are lines to every being that connect us to the ground. I can see different colors as well as the width of these lines.

Almost always I can find people by just following their line. I always thought what I was seeing was their auras. That was not the case. The longer I looked, the longer I knew the person. The dimmer the color, sadly, meant the energy of their state of mind. The person i could see had a different aura around them. Emotions I could see coming from them were masked by their bright smiles. It took time to really speak to them. When I could finally speak to the real person, I was able to see why they looked the way they did. The good news was it was usually sadness. Something that happened to them before was holding onto them now. I was fearful it meant they couldn't be helped.

Other times I could tell they needed to be healed. Be it physical ailments or astral, I could see the problem. To balance ones' body is very important. It changes your state of mind and sets your body into doing it's natural thing. People don't realize that their bodies naturally heals itself. Any type of misfit cells or even a break in the DNA code will set your body into motion. You will destroy what will harm you. Its the mind that either accepts or denies that fact.

I can see when someone needs help, but that doesn't mean I can help them. There are unspoken rules about healing. I can send my healing to a being, but if they don't want it, it'll be as though there wasn't a change at all.

That being said, I was able to get a good friend to accept healing energy from me. The first thing to do was follow the line that led to them. The line was bright, full of life, well enebbed into this earth.

The next was to balance and ground myself again. I surrounded their space with white light. Looking at a physical and astral body is very odd. I have come to also see that looking at two of one becomes blurring. It took awhile to distinguish what I was seeing. In the astral I can balance the chakras. In the astral I can speak to their soul and their guides. There is a calmness to a soul. They're stripped away from the mundane practices we take as humans. I can hear them so clearly. What needs to be said, will be told. I will tell them their messages. It is up to the person to accept it or again deny it.

What I do next is to heal the physical body. Slowly, bit by bit, I can sense and feel what needs to be done. It's complicated when it comes to the physical laws and rules about what medical help is. In the physical world, medicine and herbs are what is used for health. In the astral world, it's the gravity of the energies. How it is pulled through you, how the world moves the energy. Seeing with both eyes I could tell my friend what was different. Using healing magick is difficult from far away. I could see the space change. There's a rush of power the moves forward. Then, it starts to decrease. The body then takes it in. I could see the colors change. From one to the other
Always so similar to the persons natural hue.

When all is said and done the calmness of the soul remains. Energies that were at a stand still is brushed away. My friend was surprised how relaxed they were. It is a good feeling to know when you've accomplished healing.

In both the physical and astral i believe there are times one needs to take care. To stop time is almost impossible, but to spend it on the right areas of your life will show you the best results.

I know that there are many mysteries to the astral world. I can see that the lines go somewhere deep. People tell me that the lines I see can not be broken. The lines I've seen before in others, there are lines that turn off in a sense. As though the energy is gone, I can feel it somewhere different in the world. Following it, I see another line with the same energy. It has led me to believe we as beings come and go. Yet, we never really disappear. What I can see before me is like a tree, but the tree is upside down. The lines are the roots. What's beneath the earth, I don't think it can be dug up. It is powerful and well looked after.

I found immortals with abilities that are limitless. I came to hear their peace. I left the place in respect. You never know how far down a hole can be until you fall yourself I suppose.

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