Different readings

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> Different readings

Different readings
Post # 1
Hey everyone! Quick question!

Would different readings of tarot with different readers throw away similar results?

If they use different techniquesdeckswhatever would affect as well or not?

Thanks everyone!
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Re: Different readings
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Divination does not predict a concrete future; it shows a possibility, or gives advice. The use of tarot is like answering a long string of if-then questions. The simplest is that a reading may be based on *if* you remain on your current path, *then* this may be the outcome. But sometimes a reading is more advice than prediction.
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Re: Different readings
By: / Novice
Post # 3
I dont do that very often, but i did once. I used three different readers. All similar outcomes, right down to descriptions of other people. It was uncanny.

Most of the time, getting multiple readings, especially about the same situation can muddy the waters and leave you confused.

Thats why most people advise against it.

But if youre looking for insight about how to tackle a problem from multiple angles and manifest a significant thing in your life, especially a significant paradigm shift, then multiple readings can be useful as long as you kind of put it all together and get a feel from the sources youre using.

I know one reader is spot on about insight into career and locations. but she sucks for love interest stuff. Her negativity is overwhelming. I wont use her for that.

Its not that I or anyone else needs to use readings and divination a lot. But getting insight from someone who is really skilled can help YOU advance along really well, in particular when you see a significant paradigm shift and you want to make the best....or whatever, if it is important and you think you need insight then its worth looking into.

The drawback though, is some people get addicted to those reading or they obsess over it, like: "when is XYZ going to haen" etc etc. You really have to watch out for the trap of doing multiple readings to have someone tell you what you want to hear. Never use a reader thats all sunshine and rainbows, only really honest ones, and then sparingly.

just me 2 cents since its an interesting question.

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Re: Different readings
By: / Novice
Post # 4

I think that it will depend on the specific matter of the reading and probably on the people making the different readings.

I have a friend who usually consults me and another friend of hers at the same time and there was no one time when the answers were different. We always come up with very similar answers even using different spreads.

But as prsona says, what the cards tell you are just possibilities and each and everyone of your actions could modify the result.

Imagine you consulted someone and a certain answer came up. Then you did something related to the subject of your reading and later on consulted someone else. The answer will probably be different as you have already acted influencing the object/situation you're asking about.

The possibilities are endless. A very interesting question that gives a lot to think about.

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