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Negative Interference?

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Negative Interference?
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Negative Interference?
Post # 1
This deals with the concept of: reincarnation, demons/negative spirits, and talking to spirits.

Okay, so let me explain.

I have this friend who recently found out about my practice, and as such he asked me if I could help him contact someone who passed away in his life. He was really upset, and since I've done this before and spirits aren't that taboo to me, I told him that I would try my best. Honestly... I was completely skeptical that I would reach this person, because of how she passed and how long it had been since her death. I'm pretty certain she would have already reincarnated by now.

I tried anyway, for my friend's sake.

So, at 1:00 AM exactly, I got everything set up, and started a simple ritual...

In the middle of it, I was joined by an energy... But it didn't feel friendly at all. I thought this was weird because I was calling out to a very specific spirit, AND I had cleansed the room before starting. I asked it if it was the person I was looking for, and it wasn't. All they told me was that I wasn't the one they had a problem with, and then the energy disappeared from the room.

The whole thing left me really drained, so I called it a night and closed the circle--but, I'm really concerned. I haven't spoken to my friend all day, because I don't know what to tell him.

Does anyone have any ideas what this could mean, or why this negative energy interfered with the ritual? I know that it could have been by chance entirely and meaningless, but... It just didn't FEEL that way...
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Re: Negative Interference?
Post # 2
How did you perform the evocation?
Did you draw the spirit to you and try to let it come to you or did you open a portal and try to draw it through? Open portals can be a magnet for spirits and entities that sit near the veil between our world and the astral.
The chances of this occuring could also have been increased if you ,or nearby practitioners, have been performing works with malevolent spirits.
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Re: Negative Interference?
Post # 3
I was attempting something closer to the former; but I somehow drew a negative energy to me instead that only stayed for a very short amount of time--not longer than even five minutes, it felt like.
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Re: Negative Interference?
Post # 4
How would you close a portal?
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Re: Negative Interference?
Post # 5
It depends on how you structure your portal, but the general idea is to reseal the opening in the veil and strengthen it again. Essentially allow the energy, that makes up the veil, to flow as it did before you opened your portal.
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Re: Negative Interference?
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
It sounds like an odd event, and in my eye it raises several questions that make it tough to interpret. For example;

Was the energy 'angry', as if giving a sense of vengeance or a balancing of the scales, giving what was owed. Or was it a more generic and malicious negativity? Did you get a sense of purpose from the feelings you got?

In referring to the energies, you use 'them' and 'they'. Was there more than one energy present?

What was the exact wording/intent of your calling? There might be some key words that opened the channel to the unintended energies. For example calling for the friend's 'ancestor' might reach back a few generations unintentionally.

Do you know if your friend has ever 'dabbled' in things, fooled around, or otherwise tried to do some stuff on his own? Or, does he have any history or stories of paranormal events in his family or household?

As for dealing with portals themselves, it was already mentioned that they are areas which can be seen as a doorway that allows energies and entities to cross planes more easily. it can also be interpreted as a place that has been made 'friendly' to magic. However in my reckoning a more accurate interpretation is not just about it being a door per-se, but more like an area that has been made to be more 'friendly' to the flow of energy in general. it is a place that is routinely charged with energy, which leaves a build up and tunes the area to a particular vibration or force. This availability of energy acts as a draw to different beings that share a similar temperament to the area, and gives them a source of 'fuel' to draw on and use. So the whole 'doorway' or 'gateway' thing is more of a side effect as a result of an area just being routinely charged with a particular type of energy.

It is like setting up a candle. It makes a little light, and a bit of heat, that you use yourself. But that light also attracts moths which come by if they happen to be close enough to notice it. This does not make a candle a 'moth attractor' (unless you set it up specifically -for- the moths), they just happen to be called to it because it is there. If there are too many moths in your home, you just need to extinguish the candle. Then deal with the ones already present.

Likewise, with a portal or gateway all one needs to do is formally locate, recognize, and release the energies, then cleanse or banish as appropriate to clear any lingering presences. of course the ease of this depends greatly on the individual circumstances, but the principle remains the same.

I have found a good symbolic representation is using a piece of cloth with a small tear in the middle, forming a hole. And using a needle and thread to physically sew it closed while in a formal ritual setting. Link the idea of the action with the reflected act of stitching the gate closed again. However it might take some research and investigation especially if the location is particularly negative or stubborn. it can also be a matter of 'balancing the scales' over time by finding out the events or intents behind what created the portal, then actively working to provide an opposing energy to bring about a more balanced environment.

Another option would be to commit effort to re-tune the energy, if you want to make the portal into a personal place of power then you can work to reprogram the vibration of the energy to be more fitting to what kind of environment you want to foster. ideally by raising the vibrations of the portal, making the energy and the source it is connected to more vibrant, positive, and healing. Once again how well this might work can depend on the individual situation, but there are ways to attune and shift the energies. They can be as simple as a repeated meditation or ritual to promote a different kind of energy flow, finding a way to honor or recognize the entities already present to gain a friendly rapport, or by performing a rite of challenge to the energies already present to earn authority over them and make them cooperative.

The last method is, of course, an 'at your own risk' practice, because declaring a challenge means one needs to offer and honor not only what happens if successful, but -also- what will be done as recompense in failure. And it can only really be done with present entities or energies who recognize or follow such traditions. IE; the entities need to actually accept the terms of the challenge. This is the sort of thing usually reserved for larger areas like tracts of land, old forests, or other places a practitioner wants to gain a connection with.
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