Binding spirits

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Binding spirits
Post # 1
Hi everyone, can someone give advice on binding spirits to an object or person I would appreciate the advice
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Re: Binding spirits
By: / Novice
Post # 2

My opinion: Spirits are not our play toys, and during my journey around witchcraft I didnt meet a Spirit who wishes to be bound to a object. I am not saying it does not happen, but how common can it really be? Well I dont know.I must say just be carefull with what you're trying ot mess with and dont forget that if you cant conjure or banish a particular energy, then maybe you need to think again about dealing wih it.
Once again, it's my opinion.

Best Regards,
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Re: Binding spirits
Post # 3
I suppose if you are building your own spell there are a few points you will want to examine as it will help determine what you use and how, along with the words and intent you will want to have in mind.

First, in regards to intent. What is the purpose of the binding specifically? What are you wanting the binding to achieve? Also, why is it you want to do this? What are you hoping to accomplish personally? The more you can be aware of the truth of your intent behind the magic the more connected you will be with it. It can also affect the wording you use when laying out the spell.

Also, what are you already familiar with? What practices do you already follow, what tools do you connect with? Using what is familiar and trusted as having power for you helps you pt more energy, focus, and confidence into the working. And you can also use it to modify any pre-made spells you might want to use to make them more in line with your own style.

Of course, I am also going to offer a little food for thought as to the nature of what you are attempting. A binding is basically a forceful attempt to make a specific thing happen. To forcefully prevent someone from causing harm, or to force a spirit or person from doing a certain thing or into avoiding a certain place, or, of course, to imprison an entity to a place item or person.

Consider carefully that forceful nature. Generally speaking conscious entities (and people) don't like being forced into things, so they tend to not go along with what you want. I am not exactly sure of what you are trying to accomplish, but it may be a better idea to offer an appeal to the spirit instead. Depending on the entity, some can be amenable to the idea.
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Re: Binding spirits
Post # 4
I wouldn't advice you do that but it needs lots of practise. It is rude for the ones that don't want to to try to bind them, it's like you take their freedom away. You also may had to face the consequences... I wouldn't do it for ethical reasons, if you did it to me and you were knowing what were you doing I would surely try to hurt you in return.

Maybe there are spirits that would like to get bound, but I would ask them first; be careful what you wish for...
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