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~About me~
I grew up amid occult practice so I do not know for sure what I learned from time or what I was born with.
When I was a little girl, the darkness frightened me, for in the shadows I saw what the light would not allow me to see and hear. As time went by I learned that darkness is nothing but the brightest light that dazzles the eyes of the spirit.
*** The Knowledge on how you create what you want is the Key ***
I love to talk and exchange experiences, THEREFORE, I will not answer e-mails with no subject. Do not waste your time sending e-mail without meaning or without subject, because I will not respond.
(There is a significant difference between empath and clairvoyance. The seer picks up glimpses and impressions of what is happening on the astral plane, whether facts that are happening in this plane, thought-forms of other beings, projections created by negative forces to disrupt him in his spiritual development or, often, his own desires In the form of allegories, sometimes trying to understand for himself. The clairvoyance is very subject to distortions. It is an extra physical sense that does not necessarily lead to a great understanding of reality. A clairvoyant transcends the physical plane and connects through a great mental acuity to the spiritual plane.)
~Astral Projection~
(Find a proper name for this skill is not simple, because in the course of our history, we have different references in every culture, religion, sect or philosophy, and the manifestation of consciousness in psychosomatic vehicle, at least for now, does not have the name of the More important fact, but in the event itself.)
~Spiritual unfolding~
(It is crucial to remember that one of the primary objectives of unfolding is to provide extra physical assistance. The unfolding should not be seen as an escape from life's problems.)
~Enchantments in Latin
~Binding Runes
~Nordic Paganism
Deities I work with:
*Fidelity / Loyalty
~Blood Magic
I'll write more as I feel comfortable
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