Need help finding a spell

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Need help finding a spell
Post # 1
I've been looking for the name or origins of a certain spell/ritual, so far my search has been futile and i would be grateful if someone came across something similiar to this spell/ritual. I'm going to describe how it happened:

1.The man blindfolds a child (girl, to be Specific. Although I'm not sure if the gender must be female.) who has not hit puberty yet. The girl was around 9~ years old.

2.The man pulls two cards with words written on them out of his pockets (I have no idea what the words were or even the language they were written in) He starts reading them to the child.

3.The man asks the child to open their eyes (they're still blindfolded) and describe what they see.

Now here's where things get interesting:

The child says that she sees a forest. The man asks her to go on and walk. (She wasn't walking in real life, mind you. It's as if she had another body she could control in her vision).

The child says that she sees a mansion/palace, but she's afraid. She says that two unnaturally tall men stand guard at the entrance. The man tells her to enter, he says that they won't say anything to her.

The girl is now inside the palace. She says that she sees a man with red eyes, sitting on a throne (or a chair, can't recall.) The man tells her to ask him about the incident (we needed knowledge about a certain event that happened in the past, but I'm not going to reveal what the incident was for private reasons.)

The girl says that the man with red eyes refuses answer her, she says that he keeps turning his face away from her.

The man puts his hands near her head, crosses his fingers and says in a slightly angry tone: "Tell me or I'll burn you".

The girl starts to describe the incident in perfect detail, later on what she said turned out to be true. Every bit of It. And this man did not ask for money, not a single dollar.

Please, if anyone knows of a similiar ritual or came across something familiar, I could use some help trying to identify it here.
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Re: Need help finding a spell
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Where did you encounter the event you describe? It may well help others find out its origin for you.
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Re: Need help finding a spell
Post # 3
This description sounds like it follows the steps of a guided meditation, which wouldn't be unusual to be incorporated into a magical setting as it is a useful tool in things like vision questing, rites of inspiration, and communion with spirits or guides.

Unfortunately beyond that I don't have much inkling on where this specific rite would have come from. It seems like something that was built rather than following a bespoke, traditional ritual or process.
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Re: Need help finding a spell
Post # 4
@prsona The event took place in a town in Iraq, I should've also mentioned that the participants spoke in Arabic.
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Re: Need help finding a spell
Post # 5
That sounds like he somehow put her in a state of astral projection
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Re: Need help finding a spell
Post # 6
Yes, this seems very similar to astral projection or some form of memory spell possibly. Was the place she saw real by any chance? If so, it may very well be an astral projection spell.
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