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Aphrodite/Cupid lovespell

Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► Aphrodite/Cupid lovespell
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Aphrodite/Cupid lovespell
Post # 1
I was wondering if anyone here got any tips on some extremely strong love spell associated with any of the deities Aphrodite, Venus or Cupid? I know these were the greatest deities to pray and make offerings to regarding love matters in ancient times and that they are very known for the powerful effect they had on peoples hearts, so I would love to cast a spell involving any of these deities. I want the spell to be one of the strongest in the world and make the guy I am interested in become madly in love with me for the rest of his life and love me unconditionally. Also, I want the spell to make the guy I am interesting in to break up, (for good), with the woman hes been seeing for 2 years and also stop have any feelings at all for any other woman than me and become my love slave more or less, for the rest of his life. If you got any tips please feel free to post it here on the forum or in a private PM to me.

Re: Aphrodite/Cupid lovespell
By: / Novice
Post # 2

As a general piece of advice I do not recomend asking for help from strangers. By which I mean deities you do not know very well. It can be rather rude as well as potentially unfruitful. But here is the good news! You actually don't need any deity at all to do magick! You can do a love spell all by yourself using many methods. Herbs, essential oils, gemstones, etc. Though trying to impose your will onto someone else can be rather difficult and in some cases impossible. Though you can potentially sweeten somebody towards you with a honey jar as an example, if they are dead set against it that's just how it is. Magick works on the principal of opening up the currents, attracting things that are already possible to you. If he isn't having it, he won't be swayed.

Re: Aphrodite/Cupid lovespell
Post # 3
Thank you very much for your answer. I am aware of that I dont need any specific deity to do a love spell, but I am really into ancient goddesses, (Venus, Aphrodite and Cupid etc) and believe in their powers therefore I would very much like to try out a love spell that is associated with any of these 3 deities, so if anyone got a tips on some strong great love spell involving them please feel free to post it here or to me in a private PM :)

(PS) The guy I want the spell for had really strong feelings for me before but I was not interested in him at all then and I rejected him and told him that I was not interested. He got extremely hurt by that (hes very sensitive). Then shortly after this all of a sudden I started feel extremely interested in him, although he is not my type at all and I think he did a love spell on me for sure (he is very involved with black magic). But I didnt try to contact him anyways because I had to move to another town for my studies, and now I am back in my home town again and I am ready to start a relationship with him since I still have feelings for him. I cant contact him though because of my pride and because its been almost 2 years since last time we had contact and he has since I left been seeing another woman, (that he is not in love with, they only meet for sex more or less), so I need a spell that makes him contact me and dump the other woman. The guy is also still active on the dating site where we met and I just registered there again some months ago, and I am pretty sure he has seen that I am back and I want him to contact me on the dating site, but so far he has not done that, probably because hes afraid of being rejected again since I made clear I am not interested, so I need the love spell to be so strong so that his feeling for me will be so strong that it owerides his pride and he still contacts me even if he is afraid. Sorry if I am not so good at explaining but english is not my first language(DS)

Re: Aphrodite/Cupid lovespell
Post # 4
You asked for a love spell in a previous forum you posted, but ignored the answers there. So I will post my same answer in this forum.

Ah love spells, the most selfish spell in my opinion, what you are trying to do is rob someone from their "Free Will" taking away someones free will and making them do something they usually wouldnt is wrong. You see he has moved on with someone else, you chose to reject him, yes it hurt him, but he faced the fact and carried on.

Not trying to be rude, but you should just move on. If he finds out you did a love spell it will end in worse heart break than it is now... Also, I find your actions extremely selfish, if you truly want this person happy, I would wait and see what the future holds.

Re: Aphrodite/Cupid lovespell
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Litany to Aphrodite: To get you started. there are some cool ancient translations out there too.

Beautiful Aphrodite, fairest of the deathless
gods, golden one whose name was praised by poets,
whose comely form was carved in stone, you are the ideal
of loveliness and grace, O peerless, flawless goddess.
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Laughter-loving Aphrodite, bringer of joy
and merriment, who takes delight in all things
pleasant and lighthearted, all festivals and feasts,
all cheerful diversions and celebrations.
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Aphrodite known as Peitho, mistress of sweet
persuasion, who turns the hearts of men and women
toward love, your gifts are welcomed by us all, goddess;
we are compelled by the eloquence of desire.
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Aphrodite, shaper of passions who kindles
the fire of life, you awaken the oldest
of instincts; by your will our breath quickens, our pulse
pounds, hard and harder until we hear nothing else.
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Clever Aphrodite, contriver of the sweetest
schemes, with cunning and guile you clear the way for love.
Devious one, deceptive one, to you do lovers turn
to find the forbidden, to grant the heart its desire.
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Aphrodite of the bridal bed, of two hearts
bound with ties as strong and thin as spider-silk.
You watch with care, O goddess, as we pledge ourselves
to one another, hands clasped in an oath of love.
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Aphrodite of all people, goddess of
the low and the lewd, the common and the coarse,
Aphrodite universal, Aphrodite blue,
Aphrodite of the need and the now. Goddess,
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Aphrodite Ourania, heavenly one,
born of brutality, from seafoam and blood
you arose. Aphrodite of the spirit,
of a love pure and true, of a flame bright and still.
I praise and honor you, I thank you for your blessings.

Good luck!


Re: Aphrodite/Cupid lovespell
Post # 6
Thor, that is a lovely poem to Aphrodite.
As someone said in a previous post, love spells are against a person's free will. However you can do a spell to make yourself appear as attractive and desirable as possible. Making someone your love slave will take more than a spell and it is just wrong.

Re: Aphrodite/Cupid lovespell
By: / Novice
Post # 7
It really is a beautiful poem. I was trying to find the one I kind of uncovered a few years ago, I wrote it down but that notebook is packed away. but I thought this litany was really good as well.

Ive re-read the OP. She wants to break up two people that have been together for two years. The OP talks about what she wants.

Learn the litany of Aphrodite. Learn about love. If you really love someone then you want to give, not take.

Those are my tips for you.

Want to put in a bunch of time and energy to not only break people u but have someone love you unconditionally? What kind of skin do you have in the game? What will you give back?

How about this...do you love this guy so much that you would wait patiently for 5 years to have that relationship?

Do you love him so much that if you poured your whole heart out to him and he rejects you because he loves and is happy with someone else you could wish him well and walk away?

Youre right, free will is a thing. But free will is influenced all the time. It comes down to the intention of the caster. How much, how far are you willing to go to make this happen? Its going to take more than a few words and some candles to make that happen.

But if you know in your heart this is worth it. so worth it that other people (target's gf) will be hurt that you must do this...then do as you will and be prepared for the consequences, personal responsibility for the energy you are sending out.

What I find lacking in the OP is that statement of what i will "give" ... making someone your "slave" eventually leads to YOU becoming the slave.


Re: Aphrodite/Cupid lovespell
Post # 8
In your original forum, you said this

Re: Amarres rapidos
By: Friday293
Jun 03, 2017 Post # 3
"Of course there are love spells that can accomplish a person to love you unconditionally. There are a lot of amarres rapidos,( and other love spells as well), to choose from that can accomplish this, my problem is that I want the one that is absolutely strongest and the best and there is so many to choose from that I dont know wich one to choose. Thats why I was asking on here, if anyone that has tried a great amarre rapido by themself and had great results could give me the instructions to it so I know wich one to choose. What I was not asking for was negative comments from people like you that dont know what they are talking about. Please only write to me here if you got great tips I am not interesting in hearing any other comments.

(PS) The guy is not at all in a happy relationship with this other woman. He is a commitment fobic sex addict with narcissistic tendencies. She loves him and want a real relationship with him though, but he does not want a real relationship with her so they have an open casual relationship, (that involves only sex more or less), and he sees her only very little when he feels like it. Also, I met this guy before he met the other woman and he was extremely interested in me ( I am very beautiful), but I was not at all interested in him then and because of that I never had a relationship with him because I rejected him and he got extremely hurt by that. Then after I rejected him all of a sudden I started to have extremely strong feeling for this guy though even though he is not my type at all and I think hes done a love spell on me for sure, (he is very involved in black magic etc). After that I moved away to another town for 1 1/2 years though and had no contact with him at all even though I was thinking about him and missing him alot, but now I am back in my home town again and I am ready to start a relationship with this guy, but during the time me being away the guy started having the relationship with this other woman. Also hes afraid of contacting me since I heart him really badly when I rejected him and told him I was not interested in him in the past."

Not only someone advise you to not do such a spell, you chose to ignore it, along with other people telling you it isn't wise. Also, if he treats her this way, odds are he will treat you the same way.

Re: Aphrodite/Cupid lovespell
Post # 9
Thank you very much for that beautiful Aphrodite poem. Maybe Ill try it out :)Do you have any suggestions on things that I can give as offerings to Aphrodite (make up, perfume, clothing, candle lights etc), that you think could make the love spell stronger?

Re: Aphrodite/Cupid lovespell
Post # 10
Shadowcasts: I answered some of your questions in the other thread about "Amarres rapidos".

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