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Forums ► Misc Topics ► Um...help?

Post # 1
I'm kinda curious, every site i've tried said black was evil... I have black scaley wings on the magic (i don't like the other spelling please respect that) plane. And no, its not physical and i mean magic plane not a dream. So what does that mean?
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Re: Um...help?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
It is the way you see yourself. It only means something if you give meaning to it.
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Re: Um...help?
Post # 3
So it doesn't mean my magic is cursed, or evil? That is a relief if so.
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Re: Um...help?
Post # 4
Magic plane? what do you mean by this?
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Re: Um...help?
Post # 5
I mean i have the wings i discribed But they are not there physically or in a dream. Its a bit hard to explain what magic plane is
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Re: Um...help?
Post # 6
Are you talking about the astral plane?
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Re: Um...help?
Post # 7
I don't think so, the magic plain, mindscape, and third plain are vary different.
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Re: Um...help?
Post # 8
While true there are several planes, and people like to differentiate them with labels, they are just that, and so individual places can have multiple names. but in the end, they can be grouped together as astral because that is the generic term for any level that is non-physical (including divine/higher vibration planes). So yes, you guys are talking about the same places.

That said, I can confirm that just because you have black wings, that does not make you evil. It is still something worth exploring however. When in any spiritual plane away from the physical, your energy is less bound to the form you inhabit and so different internal aspects may come to light.

Energy is formless by nature, and soul is energy. So, too, by default if it had no outside influences it would be a vapor or ball of formless energy vibration and light. However when you introduce a container, much like water that container defines the shape of that energy while it is there. Consciousness is the sum of your inner nature, goals, ideals, experiences and all around what defines the continuing thinking self and persists during, after, and between lives. Sometimes called the Higher Self.

This consciousness can place form to the formless, as past experiences and lives, ideals, and reflections of what makes you, you become associated with symbols and traits. This holds doubly true while actually living through an incarnation, as the conscious human mind is built to process information through imagery and sensation. So when astral a living mind wants to collect all this data into an image that summs up and reflects the experience in a way that can be physically comprehended. (The old adage rings true; a picture is worth a thousand words. Well... in this case, a thousand ideas I suppose)

At least that is so far the best way i have been able to put this idea into words. it is actually a bit tricky for me to explain in the right words. But, the bottom line is this.

Seeing something like wings will not change you. It does not mean you are becoming something, or evolving into something, or devolving into some monster, or suddenly going to be holy or evil or powerful or weak. Because it is a reflection of who you are, it is also a reflection of who you have always been. Now you have just had the opportunity to become aware of it.

Think of it like this; you now have a new, better quality mirror to use to reflect on who you are and perhaps what your goals may be as you grow and learn. it is just a question of introspection and meditation on what it might mean. And this is, of course, an ever ongoing process. I have reinterpreted my own Self reflections on several occasions as i have learned new things about myself, and so the same personal connections have remained the same, but how I see them and how they apply to who I am have changed gradually as time went on.

Start by investigating the details, go as minutely as you can. Don't dwell on significance just yet, but explore what you have found. What kind of wings are they? how large are they? Are they skin, scale, or feather? While in the magic plane, do you use them to fly? or to protect yourself? As a shield or curtain or camouflage? Are the wings strong and dependable? Are they weaker, more suited to gliding instead of actively pumping you into the sky?

if you draw, draw what you see over and over, in as many different poses as you can. it is a good way to meditate on the image and let it become more refined as you search out details.

most importantly though, do not force details to appear. if you ask yourself if they are skin or scale, and you get nothing or have no idea. Don't make something up. let it be. if you can't figure out how large they are, maybe try thinking on their proportions to the rest of you. if you are still unsure, let that be too. it might come later.

next, remind yourself constantly that no matter what you discover, it doesn't really matter. Not because they are meaningless, because obviously they would develop some meaning towards your own identity. but that it doesn't make you special. There is an old saying i saw on a store window once, and it greatly applies here.

"Carry wood, fetch water. Gain enlightenment. carry wood, fetch water."

Ponder the meaning of that frequently.

Finally, explore what the wings (and other details you may find) mean to you personally. Make a two column list of key words if it helps. One column for the positive meanings, the ones that would show upliftment or wisdom, learning, and growth. And the second for negative or excess, how the symbol could be associated with traits that might hold you back or distract you.

As an example, I am also aware of wings (and a few other details when I am working energy, exploring astrally, or on other spiritual levels. And I have spent several years on reflection. I've lost my balance a few times, as everyone does as they learn and explore, but the process has taught me several things. (Like the meaning of fetch wood carry water. *chuckle*) here is what I mean.

In my case, my wings are proportionately large for my height. The bone structure is like that of a dragon or bat- A primary strong outer bone on a hand-like structure with 'fingers' that would support a membrane. The bone structure is pretty proportional, when stretched out the feeling is akin to twice my height as a wing span. However there are no membranes. Instead, the wings are filled with very large, soft-flowing feathers. The primaries extend well past the reach of the wing bones and flutter and flow instead of being rigid.

Hen. Like I said, I have spent a lot of time exploring this. Now, as far as the positive nature, to me such wings would represent the desire for freedom, to rise above challenges and see the broader picture. They can mean swift movement, riding with change, rising to higher levels (higher vibrations/planes), and if i wanted to be conceited enough, a desire to display inner divinity in an outward way. Also they more loosely represent healing and positivity.

Now, on the more negative or selfish/unbalanced side, They can represent a risk of conceit (like a peacock strutting about), escape or the desire to fly away from challenge to avoid facing it. A desire to impress others with show rather than substance, a risk of wanting to determine I am better than others, to be aloof, or a literal air head. To in essence loose my footing and become completely ungrounded in my endeavors.

By doing this, I have basically come up with a list of goals to reach, and a list of behaviors and pitfalls to be wary of. And a few I learned i was already doing even before my awakening, and had to work past. And so it became a wonderful tool of Self reflection and has served me well in searching for that proverbial golden means of balance, along with inner identity.

Very long story short, what you are experiencing is a potential new tool for you to use as a means of personal growth and exploration. or just one more detail about yourself, no more important than like noticing a mole you have had all your life but just haven't seen until now. It is nothing more than information. It all depends on what you choose to do with it.
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Re: Um...help?
Post # 9
I am interested if you can explain how you achieve having presence on the 'magic plane'. Does it escape the definition of imagination.
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Re: Um...help?
Post # 10
I am hoping I read your post right, it is 1:00 am and I'm kinda tired. So please forgive me if I mis-interpreted your questions. (Also if it wasn't even directed at me to begin with.)

I typically attempt to go astral through meditation. i have developed a habit of meditating as i lay down to sleep for the night, as it helps me relax and have a more solid rest. Also, I had learned of a technique called a 'dream intent' which is typically used to try and plant a seed of intent into the subconscious to focus your thoughts or dreams on a particular goal while you sleep and/or dream. I learned about it being used as a way to help work through difficult choices, or stubborn conundrums or problems where you need to make a choice or action. Instead I turn my focus to a personal intent to rise to the astral through the dreamscape.

I don't recognize dreaming as any sort of actual plane a person goes to when they sleep, but rather I intend to make use of my being in a dream state to make it easier to work around my conscious mind and distractions. Dreaming is a state of awareness where the subconscious has much more influence, and the physically oriented mind is much quieter. So you tend to be more connected to your own subconscious spiritual knowledge as well. Some call it akashic knowledge, higher knowledge, the Higher self. In the end it boils down to accessing the information and learning that exists outside of what you have learned through your current living experiences. The rest is just realizing that this Higher-Self knowledge would include the experience of moving between states of existence.

in essence, I recognize I already know how to do what I want to do, but my 'present mind' brain gets in the way. So I connect my intent to the level of consciousness that can let me do it as naturally as stepping between rooms.

By my experience, describing how one recognizes astral travel to places like the magic plane as real can be hard to describe. Not only because it is a spiritual concept and so difficult to quantify, but also because it is an experience that is very subjective in interpretation. The concept itself is akin to lucid (or conscious/controlled) dreaming. And so is very difficult even for a practitioner to maintain what is real and what could be defined as imagination.

Some sidestep this issue by simply calling it all imagination but still psychologically and spiritually significant as an exploration of the subconscious. So it becomes a tool of introspection and evaluation of self mostly through symbolism.

Others rely on a sense of intuition and evaluation to consider astral experiences based on a few factors. Typically relevancy, how coherent the events are, and if they revolve around consistent or familiar things. For example, experiences involving communication with a personal guide, specific events that have tangible (if temporary) consequences when returned to your body, or having experiences in surroundings that suit expected impressions of spiritual places or planes.

Either way, for most it is a process of evaluating events versus experience. So the longer a person does it, the more accurate or confident a person comes to feel in being able to pick apart normal dreams and random thought from directed exploration or spiritual/non-physical experiences.
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