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I practice magic not the other spelling one, and I often use terminology not common to most magic wielders. So i apologize in advance.
As for my path, i mostly create my own spells, and have a variety of elements, in ways to help friends or better my life in non-harmful ways. But that doesn't mean i won't curse people or use self defense. I do not do rituals and i follow a thing called three planes theory(i made it). I will not give my age or full name, so i apologize to those who require such for coven applications. I will respect your path as magic is a personal thing, but you must respect me as well.
As far as me as a person, i like to help people, but i will not tolerate people hurting my friends, nor will i help with pointlessly-harmful spells/curses. If you're confused on what any of this means message me and ask. You're either a friend, person i don't know, or an enemy who i shall try to avoid rather than curse. I only judge by actions