Types of Witches.

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Types of Witches.
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Hello, all! I've noticed a few different profiles talking about different types of witches so I figured I'd ask all of you your thoughts and opinions. All of these things I have seen on someone's profile so I was just curious.

What is a sea witch?

Is there a such thing as a faerie witch?

Is there a difference between a hedge witch, a hearth witch, a kitchen witch, and a green witch?

Blessed be.
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Re: Types of Witches.
By: / Novice
Post # 2

I personally don't think that there are types of witches, just different preferences on the kind of work, although you could say that according to the specific practice each witch could classify themselves as a sea witch, if working with sea elements, sea deities or just things related to the sea, a green witch if working with herbs, and so on.

Anyway, I think these definitions are something very personal, not everyone wants to be classified as an specific kind of witch.

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Re: Types of Witches.
By: / Novice
Post # 3

Types of witches are just a way of classifying the methods you practice.

A sea witch is inherently no different from a kitchen witch, but they practice in a different way.

A sea witch is one that works closely with the sea, using oceanic deities if they are religious, using sea water and sea shells as alternate items in altars and magickal workings. They can also choose to practice and meditate by the sea as they often feel a deep connection to it.

A faerie with is one that works with the fae, although I would say that is more of a practice than a "type" in itself.

A kitchen witch is one that utilises the kitchen as a sacred space, using kitchen utensils like you would use wands and athames to channel intent into kitchen witchery, like healing soups, using associated ingredients, etc.

A green witch likely knows the ins and outs of a garden and can identify plants by properties, choosing to use more herbs in their practice than anything else.

A Hearth with is one that works with the home, they utilise their energies in the kitchen, the garden, generally a witchy home body, sometimes using hearth deities in their practice and often incorporate other "types" of witch such as kitchen and green witches into one category.

As for a hedge witch I am never quite sure which definition to use, they are sometimes witches who work with spiritual beings, the "hedge" being a metaphorical boundary between our plane and the astral or spiritual planes of existence. Whereas some people consider hedge witches to be those that work with healing, charms, spirits, using herbal remedies, much like a village healer or the equivalent of a shaman type figure.

The hedge witch is a little difficult to classify as everyone and every source seems to have a different description of one.

Just to emphasise I am in no way saying that these different "types" of witches are physically different, they use the same techniques and energy, but find ways of altering practice to fit a "style".

By no means does everyone believe in the terms or that there are even "types" of witches, some just like to fit into an easily described category so when asked they know what to refer to themselves as. it also isn't necessary to even fit into a "category", many people simply refer to themselves as eclectic.

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Re: Types of Witches.
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Thank you so much, Arabella!
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