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Casting spells on drugs

Forums ► General Info ► Casting spells on drugs
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Casting spells on drugs
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 1
This thread was originally posted by stargate87. I posted a comment on it and deleted the entire thread by mistake, instead of just my comment, which I wanted to edit grammatically. The message bellow in quotation is the user's original post.

"I had to simplify it to fit the title, but basically my question is this: is being under the influence of prescription drugs during the time you are casting a spell (not mind altering things such as shrooms, etc.) decrease, increase, or have no effect on the success of the spell. I've googled this and found absolutely nothing.

Skip the context if you don't care, but i'll give it to you in case you do: i've developed severe PTSD in the past month-constant anxiety, nightmare, flashbacks, the whole shebang, and am beginning to learn about and dabble in white magic. I pump essential oil diffusers like crazy which used to be enough for my generalized anxiety, but now is not cutting it. Due to the severity of my anxiety, i'm currently prescribed alprazolam (for those that don't know; that's an anti-anxiety drug. Your conscious is not altered; basically all it does is relax you and shut off the super scary anxious thoughts.).

When i'm not taking my medication, I feel that i'm in no mental state to perform a spell- i can't concentrate, my head is filled with too many negative energies, and I just all around am in a terrible state. I am just unsure if it will negate my spell if my head is not sober while I am performing it and it will be a waste However, i have many supplies/resources to help me break the blocks/heal/cleanse of negative energies, and so forth.

So, for anyone who's tried this out before or would happen to know, what would be more effective?

Thanks guys!"
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Re: Casting spells on drugs
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Your mental and emotional and physiological states matter, when casting any spell. They also matter if you are doing any sort of magical work.

Let me address first the effect of the drug on the physiological state of your brain.I have never been prescribed this drug, but I have been on the another GABA receptors stimulating drug. Technically, what they do is they suppress the alertness of the nervous system by increasing the inhibition pathways, which are controlled by GABA based receptors. Therefore, your brain becomes less prone to overreact to stimuli, which are not very strong and do not require instant action. Therefore, you become less anxious and alert and are able to be less restless and worried. Having typed that, the particular drug I was prescribed even in the minimal dose used to make me very apathetic, and I lacked interest and motivation. In magic, intend and motivation are very important and also experiencing emotions to the fullest. Some of the drugs in the benzodiazepines group can be funny. They can also cause euphoric effect at times, not always, so the statements above might not apply in 100 percent of the cases, but the euphoric state caused by them is rather exception than a rule.

This leads us to your emotional and mental state. Your emotional and mental states during casting will influence the energy you would be able to rise and its charge. The energy raised by anxious people can be very scattered, chaotic and edgy.It it also can have very negative charge due to the incorporation of fear and anger emotions, which might have been bottled up for some time, and now they have found a free passage towards expression. These are all things you need to be aware of and watch out for. It will be easier if you take your pill, however as I said for me the drug effected my motivation and intend. However, if you are unable to function without it properly you have to take it. I generally do not cast or do any magical work, until I did not calm my anxiety using meditation, herbal teas and essential oils or trance work, self-hypnosis and any other method I know off. As always, consult your doctor before taking any herbal teas with your medication or inhaling essential oils. Meditation is relatively safe, except if you do not decide to just be driving and be in deep meditation or trance. I also sometimes drive myself into trance state to escape the clutches of anxiety, but that is another monster all together. I seem to be unable to be both anxious and in trance. I guess those states are activated by different and opposite brain pathways, and it is very hard for them to be activated at the same time. Generally, magic is aided by functioning in other brain/mind state. For example, alpha or theta. Of course, once I snap out of them and return to normal brain functioning, I still might need to deal with the anxiety and process all of the emotions I experienced in the trance state.

I suggest that you really get into meditation and mindfulness and the moving meditation, which ensues from practising Tai Chi and internal martial arts and yoga. Pick also a trance work and you can use self-hypnosis, but keep in mind some brains have natural disposition towards these states, others need to work very hard to be able to achieve them. You can also time your casting to happen towards the wining period of the drug took. You will have to time that very well, so the effect is there but it is not very strong.

I have found my own ways to channel out the negative energy, which are safe for me and people around me. For example, meditating with my back against a tree. I have found that they naturally absorb this type of energy and ground it immediately and remain unaffected and unharmed. If they are near the water the process is even faster. I also change my herbal teas, but keep in mind I am not on medication anymore because my anxiety is not as severe. I just have bad episodes, but I manage them for the most. I alternate between linden flowers, lemon balm and lavender and passionflower with hops. I do not know how these might effect you, while taking your medication, so you have to ask your doctor about using them. Ylang Ylang essential oil seems to also help me along with the essential oils of lavender and lemon balm. However, any drug and tea will have temporary effect and eventually you will need to increase the dose, same as the drugs. Meditation slowly alters your brain pathways and prevents the shrinking of the hypocampus and other brain parts. However, it takes very long time and practice and it requires you to persist and be disciplined. Of course, how fast this will happen will depend how far your neuronal pathways upregulated themselves to be super sensitive towards danger. Remember that you brain did not become what is it in a day. It became what it is by habit and by dealing with the same stimulus that were never addressed.
The more sensitive they have become and wired themselves to be the more time and practice you need. You cannot always use trance states and self-hypnosis because they are never meant to be used at all times and overdoing them causes other side effects. In short, there is no fast fix to our predicament. You need to adapt your magic and spiritual practice around them.
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Re: Casting spells on drugs
Post # 3
I seen how being anxious will alter the energy you put off.

But what about if you take medication but do not suffer from serious anxiety? does this still mess with the results from a spell?

I'm on benzodiazaphines. I take them for sleep just 1mg each night the same as 10mg of Valium. Its taken right before sleeping and i don't take any through the day.

Would this have any change on my spell casting abilities?
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Re: Casting spells on drugs
Post # 4
Magical drugs. Could they effect the colors of a magic mushroom trip?.
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