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The Language of Feathers
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Since the dawn of time witch's spell casters shamans etc. have used the feathers of birds for numerous magical reasons. They would gather them up for magical tools, charms, curses, and most of all reading omens. In the past the wise folk ( ones who knew magic ) would go about the contrary side looking for feathers to see what lied await in there future. They could tell future by the type of birds feather, the feathers shape, and most of all its color. The color of the feather was most important as it bared the main part of the message. Here are a list of the colors of feathers and there meanings. Hope you in joy!

The Language of Feathers:

Red: good fortune smiles upon you
Orange: a promise of delights to come
Yellow: beware of false friends
Green: adventure awaits
Blue: love will enliven your days
Gray: peace of mind
Brown: good health
Black: ill tiding or death
Black and white: disaster averted
Green and black: fame an fortune
Gray and white: your wishes come true
Blue, white and black: a new love
Purple: an exiting journey


Witches All by Elizabeth Pepper and John Wilcock

PS. Yes I know most of my sores for my posts comes out of this book, and most of them will, but the reason for that is because I LOVE this book and it is very useful. Anyway, thanks for reading!
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