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Theory helping?

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Theory helping?
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Theory helping?
Post # 1
I was wondering if ever energy manipulation has a possibility to ever manipulate most of the energy, making power to the most potential, because I'm testing my theories to make it a possibility... I'm also wondering if ever in everything we do there are only two choices? (we may think that we have over two but it always comes up to do or do not, yes or no, etc)... I'm making fiction and science fiction a possibility in this reality filled with illusions if ever your curious :P. Think that it is not possible or say it's impossible I'm not stopping :D because people before failed because of self doubt and doubts from others :D
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Re: Theory helping?
Post # 2
People doubt themselves because:
1. They do not know how to do it (Because they are impressing other people, or the procedure on how to do it the nearly correct way is something they do not know of)
2. They do not trust their own self to finish the task. (Lack of Self - Confidence)

People doubt other people because, they question themselves the following:
1. Who are these people? (Relationship)
2. Should I completely trust them to handle my task? (Knowledge of the Character)

Those above are just a few of the other reasons why people doubt themselves and others. But failure, is not just caused by doubt. Failure is also accomplished by lack of judgement, or wrong decisions made by an individual.

Decision may not only be a single digit, it can be two digits, depending on what needs to be visible. The following are basis that can lead you into making the final decision:
1. Is it something you can afford it?
2. What are your expectations?
3. Is it something you have knowledge on?

Choices, in my opinion is an excuse you give yourself.

We are not machines that are encoded to make a decision from the sets of option like a multiple choice test. Even people born from a poor family can achieve greater things than what educated, rich people can. The possibilities are vast to draw just two conclusion from a category with a lot of sub-category.

And for Energy Manipulation: You can only absorb what you can. Power alone will not grant you mastery on something you want to be better at. It takes time, dedication and practice. Even those who have control of their energy for the first time is not that different from a first timer. That is what they think, but the question is, how long can you maintain it?
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Re: Theory helping?
By: / Novice
Post # 3

Ok, I think I understand what you are asking.

Energy is infinite. So, no we can not as individuals manipulate most, or all, energy.

We have an infinite number of choices. It is never just "do, or do not". You can choose how you do something. Do you put extra effort into it or do you put less effort? Do you rush it or take your time. Is it something you are skilled at, or is it your first time. Do you prepare beforehand, or is it on the fly? There are many many outcomes.

Here is the problem with making fiction and science fiction possible: Energy follows thought, word and movement. So you can, through thought, word and movement, shape energy. But so can every other person. So can animals. So can plants. In fact, what is consciousness? The occult theory that I ascribe to (and notice everyone I said THEORY) is that consciousness exists in every particle, every atom and every subatomic particle. When this consciousness aligns with correct intention, it creates things. Rocks, trees, animals, people, planets, stars, the universe. Everything. So, therefore, has consciousness and intention. Everything has movement. The continents move, the Earth, planets and stars move. So, if you want to make fiction a reality, you must do one of two things Either (a) you change how everything in reality thinks and moves, or (b) you learn how everything works and what you can and can not do, and learn how those rules can be made to work for you. Choice "b" is what we do with magic. Choice "a" is what fools try to do when they say they want to become cats and fairies and vampires. I do believe that, in an infinite Universe with an infinite number of worlds and an infinite ammount of time any thing is possible. Just not on this world at this time. That being said, 100 years ago it was science fiction to think that we could travel to the moon, or that we could talk to anyone, anywhere in the world instantly. The people who made those things possible learned to understand the laws that are in place, and then learned how to apply them to specific purposes. They didn't set out to change reality. They set out to push reality to its limits.

I do agree that doubts from others and self doubt are a negative force against change. But, you also have to look at whether or not something is possible. Your goal has to be within what we in hypnotherapy call the realm of possibility. If you are trying to do things beyond that, then you are wasting your time. "But," you may say, "people have invented things that were beyond others realm of possibility!" To which I would say "Correct. But those inventions were not beyond the world's realm of possibility, or the Universe's realm of possibility, which we make up only an infinitesimal l part of." So, my advice would be if you want to achieve a goal that everyone else thinks is not achievable, first learn and study everything you can about it. Then, try. And keep trying. And maybe one day, if what you want aligns with the world's realm of possibility, you will achieve it.

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