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Working With Loki

Forums ► Norse Paganism ► Working With Loki
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Working With Loki
Post # 1
I've been meaning to do an article about this me opening up and sharing my experiences and sourcing others. As well as gathering general information (Sources included). So here we are. Enjoy.
(( VERY HEAVY UPG WARNING. You have been warned.))
So you want to work with Loki?

Working with a chaotic deity such as Loki can often times be challenging, but often very rewarding. But here's the deal, Loki isn't one of those deities to wreck your stuff for no reason, but to teach you lessons and give you different outlooks on life. He's one of those deities that will show you the lesser side of the world and how to deal with it.

Recently, for me, Loki has been hitting me hard with some adult situations. Getting stranded in Missouri, bank account overdrawn fee, 430.00 doctor fee (Which was already taken care of). On top of that, I didn't get paid today! So Loki made it a really challenging day for me today. When I asked him why he'd do this, he told me that he's showing me how to grow up and take on the world. More challenges are soon to come from him. I was kind of a sheltered kid growing up, so this is obviously needed for me. Irritating, but needed.
He'll also push you into situations that you really don't want to deal with. Such as a family drama situation, He could bring up old ties with people you'd rather not deal with. He could do all sorts of things to teach you about growth and closure from that particular situation.
In general, Loki is a deity of beneficial change through chaos. Chaos comes, change follows. No matter how long it takes, you'll be happier in the end. He's also to good to work with LGBT people. Gay, Bisexual, Lesbian, Transgender, Queer, and Polyamory! Maybe more... He swings all sorts of ways.

How to work with Loki
There are no rules! Go with the flow however you wish. If you are aiming to communicate with him, you can use divination (tarot, pendulum, scrying), prayer, writing letters, and offerings. Altar or no altar, you can still work with Him. But please don't push things. Everything happens at it's own pace and time.

Likes and Dislikes

This section here is based off soley on UPG. ((To read more about UPG, use this link--->
http://www.spellsofmagic.com/read_post.html?post=598601 ))

Loki enjoys almost any offering, unless he says otherwise. Specifically spicy stuff. Since, he has the trickster title, he can be childish and playful at times (even very obscene and raunchy in his humor!) he enjoys simple toys, trinkets, odds and ends.
He even likes his Marvel counterpart. Some of my other Lokean friends and I have a Loki POP toy we like to keep near us. He seems to really enjoy it! Although, he doesn't like the character of his marvel counterpart. I used to have a Marvel carboard cut out of Loki, and he absolutely loved it! Still hope I have it somewhere...

Loki can often be they very playful, mischevious type. He'll bug you on occasions, irritate you for fun, and in general may even steal a few things and prank you. But when things get serious, he won't hesitate to grab Thor's hammer, smack you with it, and tell you to get yourself together. When the going gets tough, you need to be ready to up your game and get through the situation. He will nag, nag, nag. With me, he likes to nag me alot with dreams. Often having the same theme over and over and over again.He also likes to be very wild, raunchy and even obscene. His humor is all sorts of crazy, and at times, makes no sense.
Loki Lore

In the lore, Loki was often seen as a god of trickery, chaos, and all around bad omens. But he had redeeming qualities. Such as Sleipnir, Moljnir, and Sif's golden hair. He was born to two giants, Farbauti and Laufey. His wife is Sigyn, Lady of Paitence, and his mistresses were Angrboda and Skadi. Through Angrboda, She bore Him Fenris, Jormungandr, and Hela. Through Sigyn, she gave birth to Narvi and Vali. In some UPGs, he even had a wife named Glut. Together, they had children named Ember and Ashes.
Unlike Marvel, Loki is not Thor's brother. Technically, he is Thor's step uncle, since he's blood-brothers with Odin, technically (again), making him Aesir. Often times, he'd make trouble for the gods, but often resolving it. Let's take Sif's hair for example. Loki decided one day he was in the mood for mischief. So he cut off Sif's hair while she was asleep. Upon waking, find her hair gone, she was mortified. Thor was extremely furious. Loki, afraid of what consequences may await him, he promised them to get Sif some new hair from the dwarves.

Once, Loki made his way to the Dwarves, he had the Dwarves craft beautiful golden hair for Sif, as well as Skidbladnir and Gugnir. After that, he started taunting them into thinking they they couldnt build better gifts for the gods, even as going as far as to bet his own head on it. The dwarves, angered by this, started working on three more gifts. One was a golden boar, the second was a ring that could produce multiple rings, and the third was the classic Moljnir. But during Moljnir's creation, Loki turned into a fly and bit the dwarf's eye, causing him to make the handle short. After all three were made, they journeyed back with Loki to finally win the wager and claim his head.

The gods were very pleased by the dwarve's work. But Lokie still owed his head to the dwarves. Anxious to keep his head, he made a point that they could only have his head, not his neck. As an alternative, the dwarves sowed Loki's mouth shut.
I hope you enjoyed this article. Feed back is appreciated. Here are some sources and some pages you can read more about Loki and Heathenism/Norse Paganism/ Northern Tradition in general. Also a lot of books you can check out! Some Lokeans I highly reccomend are Amber Drake, Galina Krasskova, and Raven Kaldera. (Raven technically isn't Lokean, but he is a great source for Northern Tradition and Norse Shamanism.)
  • https://darkamberdragon.wordpress.com/
  • https://krasskova.wordpress.com/
  • http://www.northernpaganism.org/
  • http://www.northernpaganism.org/shrines/loki/index.html
  • http://www.asphodelpress.com/book.html?title=loki-feeding-the-flame
  • http://www.asphodelpress.com/ntshamanism.html
  • http://www.asphodelpress.com/book.html?title=loki-love-songs-for-laufeys-son
  • http://www.asphodelpress.com/book.html?title=loki-trickster-my-beloved
  • http://www.asphodelpress.com/book.html?title=playing-with-fire
  • http://www.asphodelpress.com/book.html?title=loki-from-the-heart
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Re: Working With Loki
Post # 2
Nice post.
I enjoy reading the experiences people have with Loki haha.
Love the work of Raven and Galina.
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Re: Working With Loki
Post # 3
For people who are daring themselves to know how reality is or how cruel reality can be. Loki is the best to be with to learn how to grow up not just in body but in mind as well. For those who are taking shelter in their very own haven, they are missing the fun. That is: The fun of facing what can be the biggest humiliation or dissatisfaction they can ever encounter while they still live. Though if you count the many possible scenarios on what one could have travelled to get to where they are now (when they are in their 40s I guess, onwards) while hearing what your parents or aunts/uncles have told you of their very own experience. It is also a challenge for people to be constantly moving forward without even facing these kind of scenarios. In the end, it will be a decision for those who are with power to make if the individual is ready or has yet to be placed in a more grave scenario.

There is a possibility that Loki won't take things too far if you have already been in that scenario and you have already growned due to it, right?
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Re: Working With Loki
Post # 4
THOR follower here..D:
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Re: Working With Loki
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

I think one of the reasons I am predominately drawn to Loki is because he is such a multi-faced deity. I think somewhere on here, or at least between you and I, we've talked about the many different aspects of Loki and how he uses each one at different times in different situations for different people. He knows what you need him to come across as in order to work efficiently with him, and he does what he can to work with you.

Lie-Smith, Father of Monsters, World-Breaker, Instigator, Trickster, Sex Symbol, Husband, Companion, etc etc. He can be a fun and wild spirit, pushing your boundaries. He can be the epitome of change and chaos, forcing new plans into motion. He can be dark and brooding, angst-ridden and filled with firey anger. He can be sweet and kind, caring and supportive. Loki is such a complex multi-faceted deity.

*sits in the back with a big styrofoam finger on that says "LOKI #1"*

I think when it comes to first starting off with Loki, a person needs to do all they can to get to know him. Read about him in the lore, from multiple sources. Read about him from his followers, and read many experiences they have had with him. Read about his likes and dislikes, which Gods he gets along with better than others, his family and his kin. Develop your own (informed) opinion before you decide to jump headfirst into it. I think sometimes the biggest mistake I see from new Loki followers is that they take what they hear about him automatically to be true, and don't consider his nature enough before plunging into asking him to work with them. Are you ready to invite Loki into your life? Can you handle inviting Loki into your life? Things to give pause to and consider.

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