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Dark Entity?

Forums ► Spiritual Creatures ► Dark Entity?
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Dark Entity?
Post # 1
For quite a while now, I've felt there is a dark and possibly demonic presence in my home.

I've never really truly viewed my house as "haunted;" not much has happened there in the past, but there is this one room. It's at the end of the only hall, crammed in between a bathroom and my bedroom. It used to be my bedroom, when I was younger, and as I think about it I never liked it as a child, either. But it just feels... Negative. I can't open that door without getting negative energy everywhere. I had several nightmares that have included the room, long before I considered an actual demonic entity in there; there's one specific I remember, where I was creeping into my room. There were dark (possibly bloody? The details are blurred.) scratches on my white bedposts, and I walked over to examine them. I felt someone, or something, tap me. I was horrified, but for some reason I turned around. Nothing was there, but I could still feel its "hand," I assume, resting on my back..

But, when I moved my room next door, it started getting worse. The negative energy would sometimes leak into my room late at night while I was reading or texting someone, and I remember one night the old radio/CD player in the corner of my room came on by itself. It was somehow on the radio option, even though the last time I'd used it (a few days before), I'd been listening to a CD. The only way it could've been set like I'd been listening to the music on the radio was if someone had forcefully slid a pretty decently heavy button over.

I turned it off, and left for bed.

One night, quite a while before that, I saw a blurry, gray and masculine figure move into the darkness of the other bathroom across the house. I freaked out, and left that area, too.

There was a few specific nightmares though:
The first, I was aware I was dreaming, but something was off. I did NOT have control of my mind. No matter how excited or fearful I got, I could not wake up, and it was not the dreams I was actually wanting to dream: It'd begin like I was waking up in my bed, but then somehow, something would go terribly wrong. A few examples are when I'd enter a possessed like state, loosing control of my limbs, or when a dark figure opened the closet door. Either way, they pretty much all ended the same way: me being scared into "waking up" again, just so another nasty trick could be played on me. And somehow, I instinctively knew, this was the entity from down the hall. I don't know how. I'd never seen this entity, but when a heap of negative energy revealed itself to me, I knew. Perhaps it wanted me to know it lived just down the hall.

Another dream was recently. I don't remember the details, I just remember my mother agreeing there was something paranormal in the house, draining me of my energy.
But then, I remember her saying something about how some entity had came to her, and how it wanted me to know there was multiple entities that were dark here, but they had followed it there, and it was sorry. That it was good. I remember uncontrollably replying, "I know." But I didn't know this. This scares me, and I do not want to immediately believe it.

However, another entity, or entities, that are worse that have arrived here recently does make some sense: It answers the question as to why it's so much more negative here out of nowhere, and how all past experiences at that end of the hall haven't been as negative (ex: I once left a sheet of paper and a black pen in there. I came back to find a small heart draw on it, in black pen. There is no logical explanation as to how it could've been left there, in that room; at least, not by a human. But, of course, a small heart drawn on a sheet of paper doesn't exactly seem very "demonic" to me...)

But now I've told you some info on it, I think it's safe to ask a few questions about it: How can I learn more about the entity, or multiple entities, that might be living in my home (safely, of course)? What's the safest way to get rid of the negative energy and nightmares they bring? What kind of entities could they be, specifically, based on the little information I have provided? What should I do about them? And most of all, could they be dangerous to me, other people, and/or my pets?

Thank you for taking time to read this. This is pretty long, but I am just really confused, haha.

I have a few other experiences, also, if you want to hear them. I do not really think they could be linked to this specific phenomenon; they seem to be separate, and when I think of them I do not think of the "Entity at the End of the Hall." But if you think they'll be helpful information, I can gladly tell you.

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Re: Dark Entity?
Post # 2
First off, have you tried looking into the history of your house? I would cast protection spells, or try salt around your bed for protection also. The things with entities they can lie, and act as they are nice (like my experience) I would avoid trying to commincate with them, some will say you are making yourself open to them taking over (I can't thiink of the word, sorry) Another thing is you could of also entered the Astral Plane, that would explain your lack of movement and how you felt awake, it could of also been sleep paralysis, which is very bad.

Have you ever had dreams before you moved into your home? Or did they start as soon as you moved in?

Dark entites are the worse to get of I don't have much experience in that, but I can tell you, you diffently need protection spells, holy water, and banishing spells. Sometimes, they take a long time to banish...

For "demonic" entities, they usually leave a smell, sulfric, or the smell of rotten flesh, not all entites are demons.

You can message me if you like if you have any questions, I hope some of my information helped...
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Re: Dark Entity?
Post # 3
Dreams are the bulwark for the realms of the supernatural. When you sleep you brush against certain incorporeal beings whose form is purely mental, or rather is formed from mental energy. Whether these creatures have always existed, guiding our thoughts and dreams or whether they have been produced from our own thoughts remains to be seen, what is known is they have the great power over one's thoughts when allowed.

It would be pretentious of me to state without a doubt when I haven't visited this room however, in my opinion the common symptoms of nightmares, somatosensory sensations (feeling like someone is watching you, feeling a touch) and vivid dreams in which something is trying to control your actions indicates to me you are dealing with something from your dreams.

As a psychologist I must first remind you to listen to your sense of doubt when it speaks, your first nightmares may have created a stigma of this room, which may have caused you to put certain innocent events in a different light. This would be compounded by any sleeping difficulties and future nightmares, reinforcing your own fear of having another nightmare. Take an impartial look at all your own evidence (you will have more than me) and write it all down before talking about it with a skeptical friend you trust. You would be surprised what you can blow out proportion when you are uncertain and writing down everything you know will help you get a firm grasp on any problem.

if you can convince a skeptic that there is something to your claim then the next steps can be taken with certainty and resolve, the most important thing when facing something you don't fully understand.Regardless of whether it is a creature of sleep or your own subconscious, this fear of something beyond your control is your greatest enemy and you must face this fear before you can do anything else.

First, cleanse your sleeping area to ward of nightmares and deny whatever it is power over your own life. Native American Dreamcatchers are especially designed for this and very effective in preventing darker, errant thoughts from troubling your dreams; just make sure it is enchanted properly with a positive cleansing aura. Incense or burning candles also works very well, just chose the ones whose smell you like the best and make sure you have good ventilation. Also if you are in a safe neighborhood, leave your windows open while you sleep, it is great way to encourage the flow of magic through your room and your entire home. Also if you are not adverse to it a stuffed animal you have a strong bond with works like a familiar, guiding and protecting your dreams (after all it's what they were designed for). Also, it's simple but it works CLEAN YOUR HOUSE, you'd be surprised how getting rid of physical clutter and a simple washing can wash away malefic auras.

After prevention the next step is to fully understand what is troubling you so you can A) get rid of it or B) let it know who's boss in your house and you won't tolerate it tormenting you. A week after cleansing your house if you still feel a negative aura from that room, consult a far more skilled psychic or medium to try and contact the spirit, DO NOT do anything serious yourself. Those who dabble in conjuring and communication often underestimate spirits and overestimate their abilities, resulting in failure that only serves to anger the spirit. A best friend who is more skilled in matters of the spirit, a family priest, or even a member of your family, remember there is strength in numbers. If your nightmares still persist be forceful and stern, as you know it's obviously not friendly if it wasn't soothed by your cleansing rituals. State plainly what will have and what you won't have, but be respectful and courteous. Dealing with spirits is like dealing with an uninvited but strong willed houseguest guest, If it's inconveniencing you let it know clearly and that if you want it to it will have to leave. This is where having a skilled medium counts, like coming to a fight prepared, a show of force but not aggression will be enough to send most spirits packing.

If you still have problems, that is what the skilled medium is for as they will be more capable and specially trained to perform a banishing. There's too little room here to go into it but the basis of all banishing is severing connections, the spiritualist will sever whatever connections the spirit has to what is in your house (or you) and place wards to prevent it from coming back. If you absolutely have to do a banishing yourself (due to a lack of knowledge with whoever you called) make sure to do it as a group, more people is always better, the exact ritual varies depending on your dogma, but the essence is the same, cut the spirit's connection and keep it out. Invoking stronger deities helps in this but don't summon another spirit to do it for you or you'll have the same problem over again.

Anyhow sorry for my response being so long, but I hope that this helps you out.

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