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Name: LilOwlKid
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Capricorn. Rooster. I like a lot of different stuff, but I'm really lazy so I'm not going to type any of it. My friends and I, esp. my cousin, messed around with magick when we were younger, and oh wow! Look! I'm back here again, haha! :) I'm into the paranormal, otherworldly, and spiritual. I like to look at everything in my own little way :) I'm otherkin, and one of my biggest identities is as a creature - very close to human but not quite - that I once was, in some other time. But I am still her, and I am now here. I use magic and spirituality to connect to what I once was - a creature who walked where I was not supposed to, just as I am now a creature who knows to be cautious when I do so.