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Hello, I need help

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Hello, I need help
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Hello, I need help
Post # 1
Back when I was 14-15 years old I used to frequent a spiritual forum, I was active there for around 2 and a half years. Maybe a bit young to start digging into the depths of the Occult and spirituality but that was what peaked my interest at that time. I dived into astral projection, aura reading, past life regressions and many other things. After a while I got in contact with a group of people who were also active on this site, I began skyping with them, bonding with them, doing "spiritual" work together, they would tell me about my "past" lifes in such detail were I couldn't make my mind up whether they were nuts, very creative or... speaking the truth. Sooner or later I was being praised as the new messiah I was one of them, "special guardians" to safe this planet or whatever.
(please note I am being totally serious) This group and a woman in particular (around the age of 30) had a keen interest in me which at that age was very heartwarming I felt like I had a place where I belonged, I didn't see myself as a messiah I was just a boy but I went a long with it all, because part of me wanted to believe the things they told me. After a while, I started gettting uncomfortable, things were getting sexual so I rejected those things, I started to reject them, and the more I disengaged from them, the worse they made me be. if that makes any sense, I went from being their next messiah to satan incarnate. At the point where I nearly cut them off, to be able to get a long with my own life ( I was around 16 1/2 here ) This group hated me and "cursed" me, I never believed in curses I thought if I paid no attention to it, or gave myself to a higher power god for example, all would be right. But I am 22 now. And ever since they have "cursed" me I feel like my life as been off the rails, things don't go the way I want them to go or how it should go, I have many strings of bad luck, and physically I aint doing all that great either. After I had been cursed I got diagnosed with a kidney disease which to this day I am not sure of whether its just a mere coincidence or this "curse". Over the years I have developed depression and social anxiety even though as a kid I was very outgoing and warm. The reason why I am posting all this is because recently I have been confronted with this idea of this "curse" again. I mean the idea that it might've been true was in the back of my mind..basically forever but I went to a shaman,light worker someone who senses my energy and I had a really nice conversation with the guy for about 3 hours. After he did a reading he told me there were a darker presence in my spiritual body, almost like a curse ( I didn't tell him about that beforehand) So I told him the whole experience I just shared with you and he said that might've been what he felt.

Now, if anyone can help me, if I am truly cursed is there a way to get rid of it? a spell? a meditation a prayer anything? I want to get further in my life, do the things I want to do, but now it only feels like i am sinking deepter into this pit.

Thanks in advance
and with kind regards

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Re: Hello, I need help
Post # 2
I am not advanced enough to know how to end something that bad. The most i can say is, i kind of agree with you that they were nutjobs, and im sorry for what they did.
I do offer that if you ever need anybody just to talk or give other advice or advice on smaller matters, you can mail me anytime. C:
Maybe a good way to break this curse as a whole is to start getting rid of it little by little? Good health and good luck spells or charms. (Somebody correct me if im wrong.)
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Re: Hello, I need help
Post # 3
The riddance of a curse is dependent upon your ability. And, the presence of this 'curse,' has already affected you. The "kidney disease," you speak of, I cannot guarantee will disappear. But perhaps, 'bad luck,' will no longer affect you, or anything else the curse may come to cause.

You must be able to meditate, and lose your mind, within your being. Focus upon your soul, pulsate your 'magic,' searching. Searching for the energy, that influences you so. Try and sense that which is foreign. Latch onto that energy, focus your own, and simply, override. Destroy the 'curse,' and if plausible to you, attempt to revert it's effects.
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Re: Hello, I need help
Post # 4
I would meditate and prepare myself make sure you have a good will then I would preform a simple spel to break the power of spells against you: get a cauldron ( or large black bowl) a large black candle affix it to the bowl with beeswas or dippings from another candle should be talk enough to extend above the bowl a few inches full the bowl to the brim with water light the candle and visualize the flame being the power of the spell against you. As it burns it will eventually sputter out as it contacts water. As soon as it's extingquished visualize it eploding and becoming dust as the spells poer is broken. Pour the water into a hole in the ground lake or stream. Bury the candle. Next personally I'd take a healing bar the repair my body from the effects of the curse:white or silver candle salt and healing oil. Run a very warm bath and sprinkle salt and a few drops of healing oil in it get in and relax feel the warm water. When your done pull the plug and chant " the sickness is flowing out of me, into the water,down to the sea". After its completely drained stand up shower and exit. I also highly recommend a runic talisman consisting of ehwaz, algiz, and isa to protect from witchcraft in the future. Any other questions comments or concerns feel free to ask.
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Re: Hello, I need help
Post # 5
All of these comes out of my personal grimor I have used them myself and back them with knowledge
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