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Newbies Quiz!
Post # 1
This quiz is specifically for newbies, it will give you some insight into what path or magic type would be best for you if you really do not have a clue where to start :) I hope this helps

1( Are you quiet and passive or Loud and Confident?
2( Have strange things ever happened to you without any explanation or have you done strange things?
3( Do you have very vivid and colorful dreams? Do you remember them?
4( Do you see things? Ghosts, creatures, auras etc
5( Are you close to nature? If so, why? And how do you connect with it?
6( Did you ever feel like you've watched yourself sleeping or travelled do a different place? You might have just thought it was a dream.
7( What is your personality like? Describe it.
8( Do you believe in Creatures, Magic, Nature and Sixth Sense?
9( Do you have lots of pets? Or find your connected to certain animals or it to you?
10( Are your emotions very up and down and you feel as though they're not your own or that you feel deeply what others feel?
11( What are you looking to learn from Witchcraft or Wicca/Paganism?
12( Describe your favourite element and why. (Earth, Air, Fire, Water?)
13( Are you creative?
14( Do people find you odd, unique, deep, mysterious or even criticize you because your Unique and Different?
15( Did you have "imaginary friends" when you were younger?
16( Are you into dark, deep, curses, hexes and revenge, or healing, happy, calm, peaceful things?
17( Do you find yourself daydreaming alot? Or having visions or premonitions?
18( Tell me what you feel about Witchcraft.
Feel free to ask questions about anything! I'll try help best I can :) Hopefully I can give you some insight if your completely new and lost, have the most magical journey, blessed be ~
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Re: Newbies Quiz!
Post # 2
1. Bit of both depending on situation or mood. I tend to be more active rather than passive though.
2. Yes.
3. Very vivid, to the point of thinking what is going on is real, even sometimes after waking up. I remember them frequently, and have them almost nightly.
4. Yes, yes, and ive been trying to learn about auras. I can see them sometimes.
5. Yes. I love being outside i guess? Its peaceful. And tree spirits are always great to be around or talk to i think.
6. Traveled. Ive had dreams i felt very awake in. But that i couldnt manipulate what was going on, unlike a lucid dream. I was conscious of surroundings but the surroundings were too bizarre.
7. Ive always been bad at describing myself. Caring and loving to a fault. Also pretty creative thinker. I like to think im wise, and have been told i am. I dont really think that, but i do have a genius level iq and common sense which just seems to baffle people i guess, lol. I can be calm or absolutely silly. The kind of silly that thinks dark humor and internet memes are hysterical.
8. 100% yes.
9. Well, ive aleays lived around cats. I joke i was raised by a pack of cats because when i was little we had 17 at one time. I still want to pet every stray i see.
10. Up, down, left right, spiraling, loopty loops. My emotions are everywhere. And i know for sure im empath, both physically and emotionally. (I give good massages because i 'know' where it hurts)
11. Im interested in runes, astrology, the use of color, the use of stones. Healing and protecting types. Energy work as well.
12. Air. Ive seen air elementals before. And my zodiac sign is an air sign so... also electricity. Call it unconventional but ive always loved the sheer power and beauty of a good thunderstorm, and also just electronics.
13. Yes.
14. Yes. I tend to be a major weirdo.
15. Yes.
16. Healing, protecting, defending.
17. Yes. My grandma told me a lot of our family is psychic with an x mark on our palms. Not sure how true that is, but i get some weird deja vu that always comes exactly as i had seen it before.
18. Its remarkable, beautiful, and a great blessing. But it can lead to a lot of things that shouldnt be tampered with, or thinking that you are some type of all-being when you arent. A lot of false senses of superiority and high pedistals.
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Re: Newbies Quiz!
Post # 3
Thanks for sharing this, it really helped:)
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Re: Newbies Quiz!
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Welcome.
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Re: Newbies Quiz!
Post # 5
Thank You SilentSyren :)
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Re: Newbies Quiz!
Post # 6
The question of 'have you seen a ghost'? I doubt anyone has.
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Re: Newbies Quiz!
Post # 7
1) Oddly enough I'mean quiet and confident...
2) yes
3) yes, I remember most of my dreams
4) auras
5) yes. I have always felt a very strong connection with nature. I feel connected with ithe pretty much all of the time. My dreams consist mostly of me outside near the beach or some body of water...honestly I feel the closest connection I think the ocean.
6) not exactly...I have had nights when I feel as though someone else is watching me sleep...and although I feel awake I cannot move my body or speak...then I suddenly wake up and am able to move again
7) I'm strong-willed, and can be very sassy when provoked. I am often curious about places I've never been so I tend to wander off to get lost if no one watches me . I can be outgoing and tend to make friends easily, but I usually wait for someone to approach me and start the conversation. I have been perceived as "flaky" or called a gypsy because I tend to live in the moment and get swept away on an adventure of some kind while on the way to a prior commitment.
8) yes
9) yes
10) I feel deeply what others feel but have learned the difference between my own emotions and the emotions of I am able to release those that aren't my own.
11) I am looking and hoping to learn as much as I can about everything.
12) brings me peace, it brings me balance.
13) yes
14) yes, people think I am very strange...I oddly don't get criticized for it though. For some reason people tend to attach themselves to me and embrace my weird ways of life
15) yes, but I knew they weren't real and just liked talking to my dog
16)mostly healing happy and peaceful things. I want to help people. I have my dark moments though
17) I day dream pretty often...I don't think they are premonitions though
18) I feel as though witchcraft is an endless pool of beauty and knowledge. It is what brings us together as people and it is what provides balance and harmony to the universe. I am a student, nature is my teacher and the craft is how we communicate

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Re: Newbies Quiz!
Post # 8
I have, many times actually.. If you believe in that sorta thing
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Re: Newbies Quiz!
Post # 9
Hi there, I have submitted my responses to the quiz below and am asking for a bit of guidance when using this site. Thank you

1) I can be a bit passive at times but mostly confident and (visually) loud
3)Absolutely, I remember a lot of my dreams and often try to find meaning in them. They are vivid and make me feel a whole lot all at once each time.
4)I do not, but I believe in them and have seen unexplained movement
5)More and more each day, yes. It is important to me to be raw and organic
6)yes, only 2 times that I can remember
7)I am dedicated, always looking to learn, active in my community and driven to help others
8)I am starting to
9)I have one pet, a black cat. I love cats
10)When I am up, I am really up and down, I am really down. I tend to feed off the other people around me a lot and sometime for no reason that I can see I feel sad.
11)I am looking to learn about positive energy and to see where I belong. i feel like I am meant for more
12) fire. I feel I have a passion for everything and a lust to grow
13)absolutely. I love to craft, scrapbook, write letters and poetry, I belly dance, and love to create dances of my own when I hear music. I love painting and the arts
14)I am always being sought out for advice by the people who criticize my being "an odd duck" the most
15)I do not remember having much of an imagination when I was young, my lust for the creative began in my adulthood.
16)I'm curious of dark things, like darker art. But have only interest in calming, peaceful and positive life spells.
17)I am very focused, I do not day dream or daze off but I allow myself time to reflect in that way a few moments each morning.
18)I think it is calling me somehow. I have always thought differently and questioned religions and find lessons everywhere.

please reply with anything that may help me navigate my way through here. thank you
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