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Your Correspondences

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Your Correspondences
Post # 1

I usually save spells or rituals of specific type for different parts of the month. As an example if I were to cast a love spell, I would do so in a new moon to represent a new beginning, so to speak. As of late I've been feeling like I'm in a rut and I need to shake things up in terms of how and when I do things specifically.

There are two subjects I wish to bring to the table herein. One I would enjoy discussing others' experiences of feeling like they're in a rut or their ppracticehad become even "stale", though my own practice is still far from that. The second thing I'd love to discuss is how each person individually deals with this. What I've done in the past is that I'll drop a practice and pick up another but this is beginning to feel "not right" to me. It makes me feel like my dedication to one thing is not what it should be, and that I'm too flimsy with how I go between practices. I've found myself using the excuse that's it's a way to broaden my experience and knowledge level, but sometimes I can't help but listen to the little voice that says " you can't".

I'm not so much at a loss as a stand still. I've found myself being more reflective as of late than normal and I figured it never hurts to reach out and listen to the words of others. Any words are greatly appreciated and I wholeheartedly thank you for your time.

God bless

Spiritus Servum

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Re: Your Correspondences
By: / Novice
Post # 2
i can relate. i've gone though times of stagnation in my path. when i was in high school i had a set schedule so i could do everything [schools done at 2:45, home by 4, homework done by 5:45, dinner started at 6, mom home at 7, meditate at 8] then i went to college and things got a little more hectic but there was a prayer room i could go to when i had to go to school during a esbat or sabbat for a quick something between classes. next came the real world and i have no schedule lol. the desire to do something in competition with wanting to do other things and being tired from work all kind of blew up. as a result i wound up taking some time off. i still considered myself Wiccan, but i no longer did anything. i remember one year [i think it was about 2 years of no study] i got the sudden urge to get back into my craft, so i red old books, bought a bunch of new ones, and discovered my problem wasn't 'the basics' or 'lack of practice' it was my desire to take it to the next level but unsure how. anyway, my friend works at a bookstore and she asked me to read a new book for her to see if she should stock more [because she wanted to keep good pagan books stocked and not DJ Conway and Silver Ravenwolf type things] The Goddess is in the Details was the book i needed because it talked about turning your mundane life into the magickal. so for me i might not have a set schedule, or meditate every single day, but i try to see the spiritual side of everything i do.

anyway, it's fine to want to change, or try new things if old ones don't feel right, but try to stick with it for a bit [if memory serves it takes 30 days to form/break a habit, so try sticking with a specific practice for a month] you're aloud to take breaks, sometimes people overwhelm themselves and they need one [spirituality's the same way. when you're new you wish to devour everything you find but over time new things like books and movies come in to distract you] so try and find a good balance [try half an hour of reading, or meditate once a week] i also recommend journaling to help you keep your thoughts in order but also to do some soul searching. you can also write a list of beliefs down, then put the list away for 3 months, take the list out and edit it according to anything new you've discovered then put it away and repeat two more times, by the end of a year you should have a clearer view of your path.
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Re: Your Correspondences
Post # 3

There was a time that I stopped practicing completely. I grew extremely frustrated due to the fact that I could not figure out exactly what my belief system was (I felt like I had to choose a rigid, already founded religion), and I got so fed up with the fact that no religion seemed to appeal to me that I stopped studying Witchcraft, magick, and religion for about two years. I got back into it because someone started asking me about magick. In educating them, I found myself intrigued by the practice once again.

However, I did switch it up a bit. I found myself figuring out my moral values when it came to magick, communicating with spirits, discovering my views on deities, etc. Suddenly, after taking a break, it was so easy to find what I had been looking for. You might want to take a break (maybe a few months; three or four) and then try to get back into your practice.

Nekoshema's advice is good, and is actually along the lines of other things I would have suggested if they weren't already.

You're welcome to message me if you need anything.

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Re: Your Correspondences
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from General Info.
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Re: Your Correspondences
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

I think stagnation in our own beliefs/paths/practices is a normal thing that many people experience. In my own personal practice I often find myself going through cycles of being highly involved to feeling stuck or discontent with what I am/am not doing. Sometimes when this occurs, I think it is best to step back and take some time for yourself. Approach your practice again later with a fresh perspective, and a new found interest. I don't think it's healthy when people devote themselves 100% to something without also balancing their lives and setting aside time for personal reflection, fun, exploration. Don't be ashamed or upset if you need to spend some time not doing a particular practice, or getting involved in a new one, if that's what you feel you need to do to stay interested and connected spiritually.

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Re: Your Correspondences
Post # 6

Thank you for your warm words, Personified, Nekoshema and Sylviana.

Personified, I find much agreeance with your words pertaining to the unbalance that I face. It becomes all to simple to get wrapped up in the magic and trying to keep tabs on everything. Sometimes I feel like a computer that never gets turned off with how much I process in a day and have to make sense of.

It's so difficult for me to take a step back long enough to gain a fresh perspective for the fact that my magic is really me. I've tried it before with success, though I'm not a fan of it and as I read that particular tid bit, I found my thoughts sucking on a lemon because inside I know that you're most likely correct.

Nekoshema, I've certainly gone through periods myself where there is little I can do in terms of extravagant displays of my practice. By extravagant I mean more than candles, prayers, and some divination; I mean altars, ritual grounds, and so on. There have been times where I have been parted from my home long enough without being able to bring anything with me that I end up losing my momentum and I turn to the pryaer rooms. Most churches are open to the public which is brilliant I think.

Once again, thank you for your words.

God bless,

Spiritus Servum

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