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A hidden secret

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A hidden secret
Post # 1
My family is Christian, and I was raised a Christian, but I no longer wish to be so. I'm afraid that if I tell my family what I prefer, they will shun me. So, I've decided to keep my pagan ways a secret. I've found that doing this is more difficult than I had hoped. I want to continue practicing magick regularly, but I can't do that with my family around. So, my question is "how do I thrive as a pagan, while still keeping it a secret to others?"
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Re: A hidden secret
Post # 2

You could try casually bringing up Paganism to your parents to see how they feel about it if you're unsure.

If you continue to keep this a secret, you can use this time to learn. Take your time reading as much information as you can find online. sacred-texts.com has copies of books from many different spiritualities.

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Re: A hidden secret
By: / Novice
Post # 3

I agree with Syviana. You could always try bringing the topic up lightly, perhaps not directing it at yourself just to see their reactions to it and if they're positive, discuss the topic more openly. What I did with my girlfriend (who is Christian) was bring up the topic of religion and work into witchcraft from there. She seemed very open to the general idea of how it worked, so I casually brought up that I studied it and before long it became a very heartfelt confession that was accepted graciously.

Unfortunately, not every person can be so accepting. If you so happen to depend on your family or are young enough to where you have to depend on them, and you feel that for whatever reason the confession might get a negative reaction it would probably be better to keep your personal beliefs and practices to yourself until you feel they'd be ready to hear and, should worse come to worst, you'd be able to support yourself should they choose severe consequences.

Until then, as Sylviana said, take the time to learn as much as you can. That way, if they do ask about it in detail, you'll easily be able to answer the questions they have without accidentally confusing them.

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Re: A hidden secret
Post # 4
Most Christian parents will never accept witchcraft. I'm in the same situation, my parents being devout Roman Catholics. To hide your craft, simply let your parents think your doing one thing while you are actually doing quite another. For example, if you practice cartomancy, show your parents some card tricks. If you neef a wand, tell your parents your interested in woodcarving. Something to destroy their suspicion. Just make any logical cover-up for what you do. The key is to make the excise before you your parents even get the slightest .
Sorry if this is not the answer that could help you. I'm only saying this based off my own experience. Oh, and having all your magick books in PDF format is helpful, as your parents can't track what PDFs you're reading and they make file protection apps just to make sure no one find out.
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Re: A hidden secret
By: / Novice
Post # 5
well it's your choice, but legally if you're under the age of consent [18 in most places] you kind of have to tell them because they're responsible for you, if they choose it's best you only eat broccoli for lunch, play tennis, and go to church, legally they can do so. that said i would pick the right moment, when your parents seem in a good mood and willing to listen. if they say no, respect their wishes, but you can pick it back up at 18. they probably don't know anything about witchcraft/paganism/wicca outside of pop-culture and possible fox news smear pieces [not sure if anyone remembers that 10 minute hate/ignorance fest but it's fox news] so they might be upset because 'you worship the devil?!' so be calm and make the key points first.

however, that all said, i feel it's wise to keep it secret from certain people [torch wielding mobs for example] personally, close friends and family should know, but everyone else is more a case by case basis. i haven't really 'come out of the broom closet' to many people. the first person i told was my mom [see above reasons] who is also a christian and she just shrugged and told me not to sacrifice virgins in the back yard [later she told me she thought it was a phase and it was stupid to get upset over it, but now she see's it's right for me] i had a pretty large group of friends, but the smaller group i hung with most were mostly Wiccan, so everyone just knew [though i did tell my best friend who has since converted and handfastened with a guy who is also Wiccan] and my mom wound up telling most of the family [that's how i found out there were a number of pagans in my family] it's my dad side i'm more selective of. my nannie is a 85 year old catholic and i'll never tell her just because i feel ignorance is bliss. my one cousin who is practically my sister i told the summer i converted and she was fine with it. she too was soul searching at the time [and has now married a preachers son and is an evangelical baptist. i'm just glad she left the salvation army] but it's church on sundays and christmas/easter cards on holidays, nothing major.

it's easier to hide your faith when you live alone but there are things you can try, like keeping pagan items [books, tools, candles. lots of incense] in a locked drawer. you also don't need to cast a circle, you could go for a walk, or practice in the woods, park, or other spot away from your family. a prayer before a meal/bed can be done silently so they don't have to know. for holidays, take a deep breath and celebrate their specific holiday. it can be difficult sometimes, but it's a time to celebrate with family, so find a way to include your faith into it [christmas for example, a lot of it already is pagan in nature, you could ask to buy a yule log cake.]
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Re: A hidden secret
Post # 6
why hide it? magic isnt words or a belief. magic is the energy, the emotional and raw power of creation, that if usec right can shape worlds, lives, futures, and even the people. my magistra taught me that magic is something to embrace, love cherish, respect, and honour. the truth is powerful, lies are as well but equally as destructive. i was alone, abandoned to the world and placed in foster care. i wqs adopted into a very well hehe, mormon church, i was 7 when i met magistra and she taught me all that i know, her price was that i never lie for my benefit, i told my parents... they where furious! but in time i became a vegan on my own, taught myself to read and write, my math and history, and in time they came to respect me. but here me. dont hide it. you are you, you live based off of your actions, your feelings, its all you. dont care about the what ifs, or what they thinks. the world will tremble at the lies that weaken it and crumble to the hidden truths. tell them as the others have said. slowly, piece by piece, i wish you luck.
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