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Who is Thee?
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Luna Light is thee name. We are know as a daughter of the Moon as Ye will learn. The Moonlight and restore energy and have healing abilities as thy knows. Thee has the same ability No spells at all need. Thee is a true pure heated Wiccan. "Ye shall not harm do what Ye will" Is thee monto. Luna is given to thee by thee old mentor as She basked in the moonlight and Softly glowed.

Favorite color: All of them even black
Favorite animal: horses and wolves
Favorite food: Japanese
Favorite pass time: Casino/arcades
Favorite drink: Smoothies

If ye want's to know more then ye can ask

May the moonlight guide ye path

Re: Who is Thee?
By: / Knowledgeable
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"Thee" is a more formal English form of 'you,' in the objective tense. Its peak of use is in the era of Shakespeare and the writing of the King James Bible, at least to give a general timeframe for modern recollection. 'Ye' is also 'thee,' though there was a bit of confusion with the character called Thorn which often resembles a Y in type. That is the origin of 'ye.' It is still the objective 'you.'

The character Thorn is absolutely why 'you' is spelled the way it is: the subjective 'you' is 'thou,' once spelled with Thorn as well.

The conjugation of 'to be' was much more complicated then than now. To make your subject correct for what you are attempting, the question would be, "Who art thou?" But you are using "thee" as a first person pronoun, which is completely incorrect.

To make the question correct for the 1400s, it would be, "Who am I?"

Keep in mind:
Thou goest? I shall go with thee.

Continuing with possession in personal tense, you add thy and thine depending on tense and placement for modern "yours."

The same can be with "my" and "mine" as it still stands.

Our inflected language has lost much of its inflection and many of its grammatical tenses in the past few centuries. But learning their use better makes flowery language more understandable.

Re: Who is Thee?
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May the moon guide thy... thoust... thine? path?
I don't k ow it been 5 years since I've stepped into a church and even longer since ive read a bible, but thee doesn't sou d right... specifically in your closing, but I mean im no expert on archaic english. So I really shouldn't judge.

Re: Who is Thee?
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to sir prsona

we seeth thou art is v'ry well v'rse in the fusty english. t eke helps to sayeth the fusty'r spells as well if 't be true we knoweth how to speaketh t clearly. we at each moment bethought of thee to beest i due to t being clos'r to i then thee

to sir coyotl

thy wouldst beest c'rrect in this case.

may the moon guideth thy path

Re: Who is Thee?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
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LadyLunaSulu, I have to remind you that the rules of this site be made in standard English only. We have many members for whom English is not their first language and posting in pseudo-Middle English would be very confusing to them. Please insure that future posts are in standard English only.

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