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The Goddess Titles
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Quick Lesson : #03

Many times you'll hear these used as names of Wiccan Goddesses, but accurately speaking they are more like titles that can be used for multiple Wiccan Goddesses.

Crone Goddess - Title used for Wiccan Goddesses of death, rebirth, and wisdom, such as Cerridwen, and Hecate. Signifying wisdom, mystery, the Gates between the Worlds, etc.

Earth Goddess - Title used for embodiments of the Earth, such as Greek Goddess Gaia, Demeter, Cybele.

Great Mother Goddess - Creatrix existing in most religions, under various names such as Demeter, Gaia, Isis, Parvati (also Great Goddess, Great Mother, Divine Mother).

Moon Goddess - Title used for Goddesses of the Moon, such as Luna, Selene, and Artemis.

Mother Goddess - Title used for the bountiful embodiment of the Earth (see Earth Goddess). Signifying life, procreation, fecundity, abundance, etc.

Maiden Goddess - Title used for Goddesses who personify the youthful energy of spring, such as Kore, Diana (also Virgin Goddess)

Queen of Heaven - Title used for Virgin Mary, Asherah, and possibly other Great Mother Goddesses

Queen of the Underworld - Title used for Ereshkigal, Persephone, and possibly other Death Goddesses

Star Goddess - Primary Goddess, Creatix of All

Triple Goddess - Worshipped since the 7th millennium BC as the Goddess in three aspectsas a young woman, a birth-giving matron, and an old woman (Maiden-Mother-Crone). Passed down through the ages into virtually all religions:

Parvati-Durga-Uma (Kali) in India

Ana-Babd-Macha (the Morrigan), and Brighid in Ireland

Hebe-Hera-Hecate, the three Moerae, the three Gorgons, the three Graeae, and the three Horae in Greece

the Fates or Fortunae in Romans

the Norns to the Vikings

Diana Triformis to the druids.

Virgin Goddess - Title used for Goddesses who are solitary, choosing to stand alone, without consorts. Signifying Spring, beginnings, innocence, purity, etc. See also Maiden Goddess.

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Re: The Goddess Titles
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This information appears to have been cut and pasted from Posting information written by others as if it were written by you and giving no credit to the author is considered plagiarism which is a violation of the rules of Spells of Magic. In the future, please credit your sources by at least providing the URL from which the information was obtained.

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