Desire, Then Letting Go

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Desire, Then Letting Go
Post # 1
Hey all,

To cast a successful spell the Witch must invest all of his or her personal desire and want for his or her intention into his or her spell. Oftentimes the easiest time to do that is when you currently really, really want what you're casting the spell for. BUT after your spell is cast you are supposed to let it go and trust that the Universe is manifesting it, because if you continue to think about it you draw the spell's energies back and make it less possible for your spell to come to fruition.
But what if it is something that you just simply cannot get off your mind? Like a crush, you never stop thinking about a crush because he or she is almost always on your mind. So casting a spell to get them is fine because you really want them so you can truly invest that energy in your spell, but then you are expected to stop thinking about it to let the spell manifest.

Does anyone have any good techniques for letting go of your incessant wanting of your intention after your spell is cast?
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Re: Desire, Then Letting Go
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
You are suppose to let go of the spell and how you cast it. It is the negative, editor type thinking of a spell that has been cast that will undo it; not thinking about what it is that you want.
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Re: Desire, Then Letting Go
By: / Novice
Post # 3

It's only one type of spell casting that suggests one should let go and forget about the spell completely. There are other ways; ones that involve going to it for a certain amount of time and working it again.

The idea behind it is that constant ritual makes the working more powerful, you are giving it your time and dedication, feeding the work. If one worked with spirits for this goal, it would show care and dedication for the cause. It could also be a time to give offerings in hopes of winning favor. Another way to look at it is that you are actively working the spell during the ritual, so repeating the process is continuing to work it spiritually.

Personal preference should preside on this. And I agree, if one were to think negatively about the spell and the results, it would be detrimental to the process. Either way should be fine provided the person is working towards possible goals.

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