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Cardinal Directions Help
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Hi All,

This is a very minor topic, but one I could only find so much on online. As we all know, the casting of the Wiccan Circle often requires some involvement of the four compass points. All I want to ask is how you find these four cardinal directions in your location without a compass. I wanted to download a compass onto my phone, but seem to be missing something or another on the device itself so that is now not an option. I'm a bit hopeless, I'm afraid, but I wasn't sure about the exact accuracy of looking at the horizon/ moss etc. I wasn't sure if these changed with seasons, so I was unsure about accuracy and thought it safest to ask. Any and all replies will be appreciated.
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Re: Cardinal Directions Help
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Mark where the sun rises and sets. It will rise in the east and set in the west. Putting the rising location on your right you will face north with south behind you.

Google maps can show you the directions for your home.
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Re: Cardinal Directions Help
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Thank you, I appreciate it!
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Re: Cardinal Directions Help
Post # 4
Why wouldn't you use a compass? If you for sure can't, same as last post. Also if you magnetize a needle, place it on a leaf and set it in a bowl of water, it should become parallel to the North and South Poles, then find the line perpendicular to that to find East and West. You just need to put the needle on a fridge magnet to magnetize it.
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Re: Cardinal Directions Help
Post # 5
if you are not exactly sure of true north, you can certainly also make your best guess. As long as you can be confident and specific in calling each corner by addressing them directly, that is the most important part. When addressing north, specifically call to the direction of north. When addressing east (and so on) specifically call to them as well. And then remember the directions you have used to address them throughout the rest of the ritual as if they were true and accurate within your mind. After calling the corners, just be sure you face towards and address North in the same way you called on north at the beginning, and do the same for the other directions.

Having an accurate register of true north is very helpful because it establishes a confidence in your mindset, and gives you something solid and defined to anchor the ideas and energies you are calling to, but it is not an absolutely critical notion. Certainly an ideal you should try for, but it won't exactly shatter any hopes of a successful spell either.

In older times, they relied on the sun and moon to find their direction and where they rise and set changes every day, and so the directions could at best be estimates. Even then, it was about the confidence of the practitioner, and their connection of mind and action with intent.
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