Love spell suggestions

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Love spell suggestions
Post # 1
Hi all, I am in need of your assistance. I have been trying several love spells and nothing has worked. I also cant find a love spell that fits what I need a spell for. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

So here it goes: I am looking for your best white magick and black magick (Both if you have them) love spells. I need to see if anyone has a love spell that would help me keep my current girlfriend and also bring my ex wife back too. I dont want two separate love relationships, I only want the one. If you have a love spell that could create a polygamy relationship that would be great. Im in love with both of them and want them to not only be in love with me but each other too. I know love triangles are looked down in society, but polygamy dates centuries old and isnt that uncommon. They way I look at it is there is plenty enough love to go around and what better way to share that love than with the two people im already in love with. Please help me! I am not opposed to any spell suggestions.

Re: Love spell suggestions
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Have you tried communicating with them about it?

No spell will force someonr to accept a polyamorous relationship if they are already opposed to it.

You have posted about the situation before. Does your ex want you back or no? If no, she may kust be taking advantage of your feelings for her to use you.

Are both women potentially happy with having a relationship with each other? If this situation works out, they will have to live with all of you and not just each with you.

A multiple partner relationship can be a very difficult dynamic than a one partner relationship. By adding one more person, you are tripling, in this case, the number of interpersonal relationships in the home. That is a very careful balance to maintain with adult emotional relationships. Everyone has to be emotionally satisfied on so many levels.

Re: Love spell suggestions
Post # 3
In my oppinion, i think that's really really selfish of you. IF your ex wife left you, it was by her choice, you shouldn't have started another relationship if you're in love with somebody else. People usually say ' you can't have it all ' for a reason. And love spells have a fame for failing or backfire for a reason. Don't mess with a persons free will, specially not when it comes to love. She made the choice of leaving you, and you made the choice of having another relationship, you should be happy you have someone who loves you by yourside.

I don't think there are such spells, and that type of spells is basicly using them for your free will. And that's really selfish..

Re: Love spell suggestions
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

Posting the same topic over and over is considered spamming and is a violation of the rules on this site. Please keep this topic in one thread.

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