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multi-level problems
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First off, thank you to anyone who reads and helps any. I've been practicingfor many years, most of my life. Those in my family are just born with extra perception (differs some in each person) but mainly dreams that come true, knowing whose calling without looking at caller id, seeing/hearing spirits, being visited. But we are pretty grounded in it and from a young age were all taught (without knowing it was part of most practices) that what you give out comes back, how to close, how to open, how to project your personal protection on yourself and loved ones, how to balance.

Most of the time I could rely on my abilities to help protect, project (not astral, but positivity, calmness, and kindness). I unfortunately also received with my other genetic gifts, a rare, submissive gene for a disorder that is literally making my body fall apart. The majority of the mental energy that I would spend in the past projecting is spent on self-hypnosis for dealing with extremely high levels of pain.

I have tried to supplement over the years with spells of protection and trying to maintain balance within home and hearth, giving thanks to the elements, my protectors, guardian angels, so on.

But as my body is getting worse, more and more bad is entering my path that neither the projection or the spells are able to handle- or I am simply doing the wrong spells for how I need to suppliment. Not sure, that's why I am here- for help and guidance.

While we all have to deal with difficult people, there is a particular one that entered our path years ago. Our one child is autistic and we are involved with a group whose purpose was meant to help people, but over the years it has changed dramatically- with the same people mainly involved.

It is almost as if as my body is failing more, and thus my mental energies are spent elsewhere (or so I believe), there has been a person in this group, we encounter frequently, who is more and more vindictive and nasty- not just to us, but most people. Almost as if the balance of the white/dark is as I lose white, she devours it and turns it dark.

I know how that sounds, but while I won't go into details here, it is very, very real and she is beginning to threaten people- not so far as to be able to have police involved, but as I lose my ability to project the calmness, kindness, positivity as much as I was able, she is relishing in being nasty, vindictive, power-hungry, insulting, trying to intimidate everyone, and basically acting like a person posessed.

Yes we could leave the group, but it is not only there that I notice the difference, it is in daily interactions. People are able to 'see' what I am projecting, but their pity for my physical issues and my limited projecting ability right now makes them either want to shy away or I get treated like I am 'easy prey' (which I am not).

So, my questions for help, how can I help either keep the nasty, mean person at bay from us and help protecct myself and my family from her, more than what I am doing or is there something different?

How can I better project or protect myself in general?

Is there anything I can do to help 'clean out' some of the residue I can feel surrounding me from when I have had to deal with the mean person, and others I have encountered while being weakened physically/mentally?

I will add I have tried some cleanses, a freezing spell (on the mean person), another (now apparently former)member tried to help do a circle of protection on myself and my family, but none of these have seemed to help.

What can I do to help to re-promote the calmness, kindness, positivity more than how I have been able to do it?

Sorry if I repeated myself too much, I am getting over the flu on top of my neck having serious disalignment issues (literally my neck is going backwards and pinching on nerves)
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Re: multi-level problems
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Hey, I don't judge you.
You must be going through a very hard time.
If this person needed your energy to stay nice, maybe they have been taking advantage for longer than you think.
This seems pretty messy, and you might actually want to leave this group.
From what I read, you seem pretty unhappy with it.
It probably isn't the healthier solution to stay with this group, especially if you have a family to worry about.

The happier and more fulfilled you are, the better it will be for you and your family.

You can't accomplish this if you are surrounded by negative people.
Empaths have an even harder time with this, so you may want to help you this time, even if it feels wrong, or like you are abandoning your friends.

You are not.

You just need time for you and your loved ones, separate from this group.

In any case or whatever you decide, good luck.

Warmest wishes,

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