Moon Energy Capture?

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Moon Energy Capture?

Moon Energy Capture?
Post # 1
I fill one glass with water and i place it outside when it's full moon then i put sea stones in this glass of water and i start focusing on moonlight and on the vessel in which i want to capture moon's energy with my beliefs moon reflected on water and my imagination should do it and also it should give sea stones inside glass some moon energy well at least this is what i believe in when i am doing this ritual/spell or whatever you wanna call it...umm i can't say what i was doing was completely useless because i see some positive changes but i wanna make sure what i do is done in a right way or if not i wanna hear some advices!
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Re: Moon Energy Capture?
By: / Novice
Post # 2

I assume you are attempting to create moon water?

This is where you allow some of the moons energy to enter water, charging it, you can then go on to use in spells and rituals. I know many people do not use charged waters, or believe them to be nonsense, but I personally very much enjoy using them (even if it only for the placebo of having something you believe is charged by the moon).

For charging by the moon, it is a common practice to place items under (reasonably) unobstructed moonlight for a period of time in order to cleanse or charge them (depending on purpose). If this is what you were hoping then it appears that you have done it well.

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Re: Moon Energy Capture?
Post # 3
Thank you very much!
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Re: Moon Energy Capture?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
I use the full moon each month to cleanse my crystals. It is something that I have always done and to me it feels like they are recharging and wiping out any negative energy being stored. I agree with H2O, in that some may not feel this is necessary and for me its more of my own ritual to help myself believe and feel more connected when using my crystals.

I believe that if you wish to use moonlight then you have that connection with the moon and its power. If it be real or just symbolic isn't really the point, its what you are comfortable with and helps you connect more with what you are intending to do. Hopes this helps and good luck! I am hoping for clear sky's!

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Re: Moon Energy Capture?
Post # 5
THANK YOU for such great answer the thought of me doing it wrong really messed with my confidence now i can feel fully comfortable with what i do!^^
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