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Thoughts on Consciousness

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Thoughts on Consciousness
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Thoughts on Consciousness
By: / Beginner
Post # 1

I was conversing with someone and this lead into observations regarding Lucifer, and consciousness itself. I thought I would share for any who might be interested in this topic on here.

To start off- Lucifer can also be thought of as Prometheus, the Greek god who disobeyed Zeus by bringing fire to mankind. Sound familiar? It should - Lucifer caused mankind to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil (against God's will). Zeus punished Prometheus with eternal torment. This also rings true with hell.

There are other possible entities who may be similar to Lucifer as well. Lucifer is the bright morning star, or, Venus. The Greeks also had an equivalent for this, in the form of both Eosphorus and Hespheros. The Roman equivalent is Vesper. These two are sometimes thought of as different entities and sometimes as the same entity however they both represent Venus, the bright morning star, one during the morning and one during the evening.

Here is a link about them:http://www.theoi.com/Titan/AsterEosphoros.html

One section in particular mentions this: "PHOSPHORUS (Phsphoros),or as the poets call him Hesphoros or Phaesphoros (Lat. Lucfer)". The word Lucifer itself means Dawn-Bringer or Light Bringer, as pertaining to Venus. Incidentally, Venus is the Planet which is normally spiritually aligned with Love, Beauty, and Passion. Lucifer has been referred to as the 'most beautiful', 'beloved', etc. It is worth mentioning that Jesus is referred to as the Bright Morning Star as well. But it is probably also worth noting that Jesus may have been inspired by, or actually been, Lucifer. And his story/intentions match up with what is consistent for Lucifer in Greek terms, as well as Christian terms if you consider that the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was actually evolution and freedom for humanity.

This same figure (Lucifer) always seeks to aid humanity in similar ways and is referred to as similar things throughout various cultures. In Egyptian mythology, this entity is Horus. Horus is also identified with the morning star, and not only this, is thought to be the reincarnation of Osiris, which was associated with the evening.

This is comparable to the split/union of the Greek gods Eosphorus and Hesphorus, also evening and morning, while maintaining the association with Venus. There are a lot of correlations between this story and Egyptian mythology and I encourage you to do some reading about it - any quick search should pull up tons of info. Here is one option for light reading:


As you can see, the coincidences really start to stack up. As for true spiritual experiences that go beyond these correlations, this depends on how far you want to dive into the rabbit hole. This is all very interesting on an intellectual level alone, of course. But to go much farther than that involves mysticism and the spiritual aspect of reality.

The planets do influence us, physically, but more than that, there is a spiritual force behind many of the machinations of the universe. Your own mind and brain are formed by an electric awareness (if you didn't know this, look up neurons because they facilitate the electrical/chemical exchange in your body, meaning this is how your consciousness can connect with your body on a chemical level even though you are electrical, or look here:

http://psychology.about.com/od/biopsychology/f/neuron01.htm) - this is evident in your brain and nervous system (also look up the nervous system if you are not familiar), both in the obvious ways that we know about via science, and the not so obvious ways that are not yet observable due to the frequencies our minds are capable of operating on, on an electro-magnetic level.

Keeping this in mind, one could imagine how the force of many of the planets, the sun, the earth, effect us when it comes to frequencies that are being emit at us. Radiation, light, magnetic waves, and waves that we may not yet have even discovered yet.

And, an additional way to look at this is to consider the belief in horoscopes and how the constellations effect us - it is via the waves of energy, light, radiation, gravity, magnetism, all things that we discern a part of but not all of - that interacts with out own mind or our own waves of magnetism and electricity, etc other things we may not know about - something that we also may observe a part of scientifically, but not all of. But of course, on a human level, you can experience your own mind and self awareness and do so. Your experience is created by that very same energy, that electric 'self'.

Electricity itself is light and has magnetic properties, and your consciousness is an electric thing, meaning it is expressed by both light and magnetism, as well as other expressions such as heat. Along with ways that we can only dream of for now. And, how these frequencies are harmonizing with the frequencies of our own consciousness. In this respect, it becomes very spiritual although invisible to most. - If your own consciousness, which is electric, is self aware, then there is actually a fairly good chance by association that other electric phenomena also has a degree of awareness - such as many of the waves that travel throughout the universe, some tied to planets, such as Venus. This would explain why the ancients personified forces of nature. Why Sun-worship may have actually been more important than we realize. Why so many religions seem related in one way or another to the planets themselves and aspects of life itself. Because forces of nature are dynamic and alive, just as we are. It just isn't always easy to understand this without knowing all of the details. But we have so much information in this modern era. And the step between observing the state of your own consciousness in your body and observing consciousness within nature itself is much closer than we might normally consider.

Thus, the phenomena we normally think of as a physical occurrence, may in fact hold deeper secrets pertaining to consciousness, and, the entity - Lucifer.

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Re: Thoughts on Consciousness
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

My conclusion would be that Lucifer is one of the expressions of Venus energy. Energy is alive, and aware, and so then based on all the the meanings and cross-referencing, this makes the most sense.

Of course, even more interesting here is that realization which energy is consciousness. And energy exists all around us, everywhere.

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