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What exactly is a spell?

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► What exactly is a spell?

What exactly is a spell?
Post # 1
A spell is a formula of spiritual workings, it can very well be considered an expression outward in a systematic and respectful manner. With consideration towards a higher state, whether that be a guiding spirit, an angelic being, a spirit animal or simply to the essence of a flower, to wish it grow well and flourish in the bountiful sun.

It is our way as humans, to ask for the energy and assistance in guiding our wishes or intent into reality. But for us to fully appreciate the nature of this system you live in, and be able to coincide efficiently, we must take the proper steps to mature our sense of awareness. That way, consolation with a higher spirit becomes much easier.

1) If the proper steps are taken and respected it will take less out of your life force or chi in the give back process. You won't feel drained or in the negative after your spiritual excursion as your faith in consort will guide you down the correct path to reach your goal, or, they will be there to stop you if you lack concentration and lose focus.

2) You will be under the protection of a higher state, now this is very important, if you put out negative energy, specifically towards another person even nature herself will frown in your direction. You will always receive what you put out, and in my firm belief from many years of research it will always come back seven fold however you look at it. Be wary when dealing with entity. Especially if you do not have a clear conscience and most importantly a sound heart. This is how one may attract unwanted company. It is highly recommended that you meditate first to prevent any negative experiences.

3) I cannot stress this enough, and I apologize for caps but in this case I feel it necessary to get the point across. WORDS HAVE POWER... know that and think before you speak. It often helps to practice keywords that give out a good vibe, love, peace, harmony, grace, respect, are some of the best things you can comprehend in this life.

4) Don't ever skip steps, all things have thier natural order, and in that order are a set amount of rules such as, know the name of the entity you are being guided by, do not stray from your path for a moment and botch a spell because something was whispering nonsense in your ear (this goes back to sound body and sound mind). Know the names of those that bring you good fortune and happiness, and only call upon them when you are in need. Do not disturb them otherwise, they like thier rest as well, or more often than not they are very busy. Simply put, have manners and you will be well received.

5) I am fully aware that each person has thier own path to choose and they are entitled to thier opinions, but I would fully avoid trying to conjure or channel another spirit, the body is thy temple, do not taint yourself this way. There is a reason for the veil, and I strictly try to adhere to its set of rules. Keep a good moral compass and nothing shall steer you in the wrong path for you will have protection and safe travels.

6) Just be yourself, don't try to change things that you may otherwise learn a lesson from, sometimes it seems hard to understand at that given moment, but if you take a deep breath, and step back from the situation may you find clarity there in. Pay mind to this and you will prosper significantly from it.

~Stephen R
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Re: What exactly is a spell?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Must a spell use spirits?
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Re: What exactly is a spell?
Post # 3
When we cast spells we are borrowing energy from someplace to give to another. Without the knowledge of your guardians you can easily make mistakes or believe that you made the proper procedure for a spell. If you have no knowledge of them I would meditate un silence and ask for your guardians name so that they may better help you carry out your desired task, this isn't hogwarts where it's just point and cast, there's a deep procedure to reach the inner workings of what a spell really is. And remember it's always borrowed energy, you get what you give. Do some research on Solomon the wise, that man who sealed the dijin away.
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Re: What exactly is a spell?
Post # 4

You have a nice thread and the idea is good, but you have a bit of a wording problem. Your thread comes across with information that you express more as fact which a lot of it is, but then you include elements of personal opinions that you don't state are opinions. That is a bit misguiding, especially for new practitioners. So I want to discuss my reasoning and potential ways you can better a thread like this.

For example, you state that you will always receive what you put it out. You even state that nature will frown on you. That is a personal belief which not everyone believes in. Popular beliefs, aside from your thread, even suggest that is karma, but it isn't. Karma effects us in the next life. I surely do not think that if I use magic for negative purposes then I will receive negativity in return. This is especially because what is considered good & bad or positive & negative are subjective based on one's cultural background and based on the individual themselves. I do not think that there is an universal concept of mores & morality as I think it is a concept that relies on culture. Though, this is my sociological imagination speaking. Energy is infinite as it cannot be created nor destroyed. Sure, energy is believed to recycle itself. This doesn't mean that what you used the energy for would be the energy that you are supposedly getting back.

You go even further by stating that you would fully avoid trying to conjure or channel another spirit. It is good to see that you used "I". The only problem is that you didn't take into account the number of cultures & religions that involve spirit working. Most cultures tend to have their own variation of spirit involvement even towards their magical workings. Hoodoo, root-working, Voodoo, Vodou, etc are some of the many practices & religions that incorporate the use of conjuring or channeling spirits in their workings. I would also like to point out that not everyone who practices magic works with spirits or believes in them. This includes guides, guardians, angels, demons, deities, etc. Also, not everyone believes in a divine power or force.

The above paragraph can even go towards you comment on knowledge of your guardians that you can easily make mistakes. I would also like to pinpoint about how not everyone meditates nor have a successful job at doing so. It is helpful, yes, but it is not for everyone. Meditation also isn't about clearing your mind as popular beliefs recommended. In actuality, that is impossible as our brains display constant activity and thought. The point is not to be aware of that thought. Some people even meditate with the focus on one thought so that they can plan that thought out thoroughly. Besides that, finding your spirit guide or guardian can take a long time. Many people believe that they will come to us when we need them. Spell casting also does not require their help. Quite a few serious practitioners on here have not even read The Keys of Soloman nor do they really care about it.

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Re: What exactly is a spell?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Firstly, Sagehood, the tales of Solomon were concocted centuries after the person (might have) existed. The Goetia, Solomon's seal, all of that is much more directly linked to Italian mysticism perhaps integrated with some Middle-Eastern lore, than it has any actual link to the time of Solomon.

Secondly, you are insisting that spirits exist -- which cannot be proven.

You are also insisting spirits must be evoked, contacted, even obeyed, in order to use magic. This is blatantly false. This goes for any use of magic -- whether or not that is casting spells.

I do agree with several points you make, but I must disagree with some as well.
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Re: What exactly is a spell?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6

Great thing about Spell Casting, is that it's based on your beliefs, one cannot go ahead and say 'This is how it is done' but there is however a basic core idea to the whole process.

Not everyone has or works with 'Guides and Guardians' that is a fact, not a lot of people believe they exist (Some practitioners I have met ignore the belief of Spirits/Entities altogether).

From what I understand, Nature doesn't care if we hurt each other, because it is in our nature to become aggressive and lash out. Animals of the same species hurt each other a lot of the time, especially over territory and food - so saying Nature wouldn't like us if we cast a little Curse when in fact Nature has proven that it's survival of the fittest, evolve, adapt and grow - some of us use our knowledge in Magic to get ahead of people or to take those down who have wronged us, or our loved ones etc

I do agree with Words have power though, and some of your ideas towards 'Give and Take' and of course having manners when petitioning Spirits/Beings of Power.

Even when working with higher powers etc people feel drained because they put themselves into the work - but it is that kind of exhilerated drain (Basing this of my own experiences and that of my peers) Some people don't feel drained at all.

Overall a pretty enjoyable post, you did mention quite a few good ideas, but at the same time you said things that can be rather impressionable onto newbies, meaning that they can see it as 'This way is FACT' not 'This way is one persons individual belief which they have come to conclusion of based on their own experiences' because at the end of the day, spell casting is very fluid, you can use pretty much whatever to acheive an end, even if its the stuff you find in your pocket.

Though, a list of your sources would be great, especially for Newbies who are wanting to learn more about Magic (Sources being Articles, Books etc that aren't solely founded on personal experience and hersay - but show the reader how these ideas play together, how they came up with it, a lot of magic today stems from older testimonials and surviving records which paired with Historical Evidence from previous years to link it back to where these ideas came from)

The main reason I am asking for sources, is that we do get a lot of people here claiming all kinds of things and the sources also serve as a record, so that we can see where you learnt these ideas, and so we can know that you have actually done proper research and study and not just blurted out the first thing you heard - or to be sure that the post isn't plagarised, because that is illegal.

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Re: What exactly is a spell?
Post # 7

Weatherwax brings out some excellent key points. What are your sources?

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Re: What exactly is a spell?
Post # 8
My sources stem only from my personal experiences as well as the study Kabbalah, Alchemy, my personal channeling of spirits, and learning the ways of forethought and foresight through divination.

(This does by no means holds true that I proclaim to see all, it merely states that I have practiced the inward ability to ask a question and know with good faith that there will be an answer provided, it may not be that very moment, but the answer will come just the same. I have learned my patience with it as this is a universal truth.)

I often have clear dreams and vision, as well as the extended capability to reflect upon those dreams or happenings that occur in my life down to the very moment. My mind never shuts off, and due to crystal gazing and sun gazing in the morning light I can see a variety of new things from day to day. I often get lost to the joy of the fireflies or see threads of light connecting miscellaneous things that get brought to my attention like a bright flash in my peripheral vision.

If you want a list of my criteria look no further than the very spirit of the matter yours and mine included, but of course I am well read I would just rather not have to explain to those that I've seen both ends of the spectrum, the good and bad. To the point in which it drove me to a mental institution not but a few years ago. I have been well versed in my battle against demons as well. But that's a discussion for another time.

All things have a reason, a place, a time, and one may argue my reality just as I may argue thiers but in the end result, nobody really knows how or what something is without first being taught that something, and more often than not that something is what sticks solid because it is accepted and feels to us as a truth, however people cannot know my path if they first do not ask the question. I am well read in psychology as well, and to the literary mind all things are false until proven correct. I understand that but cannot endorse it when the very premise of all things into being itself cannot be proven. And I know for certain this is not simply cause and effect nor a random happening that your life and mine met at this very instance to have this discussion. There is a due process, a grandfather clock, and a grand seal holding us in place that cannot simply be justified by word of mouth nor the scrappings of paper we so desperately cling to.

I am a man of few words for I speak only when it is needed. And I appreciate all the critiques of your chapter and have taken note of them all, but I inherently know most things and to scrounge through the pages to find the source would be most difficult, I cannot change who I am, but I speak plainly for those that have the same sense may respond to me. I teach the worthy, not the kind that simply wander by and gander yet do not feel.

If any of this was taken as disrespect, or incomprehensible I would gladly explain further if you yourself have the proper questions for me. Don't fear the change you haven't had the time to listen to.

But know this, I do not cling to title or renown, I do not seek earthly possession, if given choice I would choose neither gender, I have a firm belief in a dragonic order (not in this realm silly, dimensions exist, if you want your proof look at string theory, as theory is just a simplification of something we have not yet learned but still attempt to make measurable.), and I am not from this planet, though sent here for the reason to teach others with an open mind and we'll though of heart.

The wind speaks to me and the fire tells me truths. I will never proclaim to be entirely human, as my soul is far from the sort. That is how well I know myself. And no other can dispute this as they are not me, but I hold no stuffy rules nor tradition or passed learnings. I've had to reach into my own world to pull out the treasures therein.
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Re: What exactly is a spell?
By: / Novice
Post # 9

Thank you for the neat prose.

But, I also agree with Weatherwax, sources are an awesome thing. And I understand, in the unique way you put it, you've received things through personal gnosis. I do not disagree with it, but would it not be beneficial to share the ground work in which brought you to this profound gnosis? I too looked into Kaballah before (I'm assuming you mean the more Jewish community not Hermetic) and would love to know which works you've analyzed and pulled something good to take home.

It's not an attack your person. It's to help others to further build from this. In a way, you'd be further helping people in their own search for spirituality.

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Re: What exactly is a spell?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 10

Those were not the sources I was asking about, I am meaning books, articles, websites etc, Even the Holy Bible is a source.

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