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is Ullr a Werewolf?

Forums ► Norse Paganism ► is Ullr a Werewolf?
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is Ullr a Werewolf?
Post # 1
Werewolfs are mentioned throughout different cultures and religions.Ullr is the God of the Hunt, not too much is known about him though. He is said to be reallg fond of the snow (some even say "snow god". Wolfs are also fond of hunting in cold places. could Ullr be the first Werewolf and the creator of them also?

Re: is Ullr a Werewolf?
Post # 2
Many people do not believe in werewolves as a being that actually exists. That is certainly an interesting view of werewolf creation but I can neither confirm nor disprove it. Wolves do, however, hunt in a variety of environments so I do not believe that you have enough evidence to connect Ullr and werewolves together based on Ullr being the god of the hunt as well as being a "snow God". He could be a snow leopard for all that tells us

Re: is Ullr a Werewolf?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

1. Werewolves are not real. End of story.

2. Absolutely nothing that I can think of in the lore links Ullr to wolves, most certainly doesn't name him as a shapeshifter or anything else.

Re: is Ullr a Werewolf?
Post # 4
well consider the fact that Ullr didn't live in midgard. and wereleopards aren't a real legend, werewolfs do happen to be a real legend. if Ullr did happen to come across a method of doing this, why wouldn't he use it, it would be perfect for the hunt.

Re: is Ullr a Werewolf?
Post # 5
theres not a lot of information on Ullr. why? this could be the reason

Re: is Ullr a Werewolf?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6

You're trying to bend non-existent lore to fit what you want. Again, there were several deities associated with the hunt. Ullr was not exclusively a deity of the hunt nor a deity of the snow. From what little lore there is about him, there's still nothing linking him at all to what you suggest.

Re: is Ullr a Werewolf?
Post # 7
not what i want. someone i know had an AP to asgard (he cant control where he goes) he walked to a valley, he saw Ullr who went down a cave.as he followed through the cave where he saw people, many sleeping. he reached a spot further in the basck of the cave, it led to a room. he was warned to go in if he dared. when he entered he saw people who were practicing on shape shifting into werewolf LIKE creatures. so im not sure if its actually "werewolfs" but considering Ullrs placement as a Hunting God it wouldnt seem completely unlikely to me.

Re: is Ullr a Werewolf?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 8

Firstly, what you are describing is UPG. Unverified personal gnosis, the description of what one person claims to have experienced. There is, as I already said, nothing in the lore to support this claim at all.

I am locking this thread because the point you are trying to make is moot. Werewolves are not real. There is no such thing as shapeshifting into werewolves. Ullr is not related to werewolves. That's it, period.

Re: is Ullr a Werewolf?
By: / Novice
Post # 9
Odin is also associated as a God of the Hunt, in fact if I'm correct he is known to lead the hunt during the Yule season. Also, he has been seen shape shifting into snakes and eagles, but does this make him the Father of WereSnakes or WereEagles? No, because those things, much like werewolves, do not exist. Your friend may have had an experience where he saw Ullr or some other wight change into the form of a wolf, but still is not enough to connect him to the creation of a make believe monster.

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