Anger focusing on enemies

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Anger focusing on enemies

Anger focusing on enemies
Post # 1
Today was my bad day
While playing one of our oppisition team member was yelling on me
And i dont like people who yell at me
In home there was a fight b/w my parents
My father got angry and sat aside me while i was playing Clash of clans he started to yell at me and burn out his all anger on me
Like from some days m getting tired n irritated of this fight
Guys help me in focus or controlling my anger
When i mean focus i mean so that i can do bad to that boy in opposition team
And controll so as to avoid letting the anger from getting raged on someoneelse
Plz tell me a spell for focusing and controlling
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Re: Anger focusing on enemies
By: / Novice
Post # 2

I believe you are asking what you can do to control your anger?

Start with meditation. Do at least ten minutes every morning and every evening. This will to help you remain calm and able to handle your emotions better.

Remember, your emotions are unconscious responses that are programmed into your subconscious that activate when certain stimuli occur. They are a habit. So, you have to break the habit. If you are constantly in a cycle of negativity and anger, you need to break that. Start to focus on different things. As soon as you realize you are angry change your focus to something that you like and enjoy. Instead of being a victim to your anger, train yourself that it doesn't control you.

You will never get rid of anger. What you have to do is learn that it doesn't control you.

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Re: Anger focusing on enemies
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Meditation, journaling and mindfulness can all help you focus, identify, come to terms with and move past your anger. You might also wish to seek counseling or an anonymous call center to talk and try to work though some deep rage/Acer issues you may be suppressing.

Regarding a way to focus your energy to harm others [if that's what's interesting you] you can, try looking into 'the evil eye' or energy work to direct energy. I advise against acting out in anger though as it's like drinking poison.
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Re: Anger focusing on enemies
Post # 4
Meditation is truly a wonderful tool.
If you want a healthy way to release your emotions and also have them be understood by the person upsetting you, close your eyes and let yourself meditate. When you focus, gather up all that you are feeling. Then, visualize the person making you feel this way and imagine yourself throwing your feelings (give your feelings a visual representation; I use a beam of light) and hurl it at them in your mind. Allow yourself to come out of meditating only when you have rid yourself of those feelings and are no longer "throwing them" at the person.
Hope this helps!
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